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A sequel to poipoles puff up
Poipole was relaxing on a nice sunny day enjoying the sunlight on the nice warm sand of alola. but then he started to have a feeling... he remembered the one time he accidentally inflated himself and kinda misses being like that. So he started flying and searched alola for somthing to blow himself up with and surprisingly it took him only 5 minutes to find something. it was a helium tank! Wait why are these things even in these spots he found 2 different things in the middle of nowhere! How!? “Ahem” sorry about that anyways back to the story. then put the hose in his mouth and slowly opens the tank. his belly starts to fill with helium and eventually his belly then his whole body (not his head thou) starts to swell up and round out too and is starting to feel very full. he’s enjoying inflating into a balloon again! he feels his belly growl In a happy way. but He feels like his leg is being squeezed. He looks at his left leg before he can’t see it anymore and realized there’s a vine stuck to his leg must’ve got stuck around his leg when he landed. He feels fuller as he continued to expand while his body creaks and groans he was wishing he could show his brothers and sisters this back his home world. But he can’t really go there while he’s all bloated and floating. then he felt some reaction in him as his belly fills more and more Poipole muffled with the hose in his mouth He realized he’s getting bigger than the last time! But is already nearing his limit his body creaks and groans louder as the pressure builds up to unstable levels he starts to worry about poping. Originaly he had a plan to stop it by shooting poison hard enough to shoot at the valve and turn the tank off...and then he started floating so... he has no idea how to stop and it doesn’t look like the helium is gonna run out soon. he already feels stuffed and ready to burst! He’s starting to panic as his belly gets tighter. He starts to blush. And he shuts his eye tight knowing he’s gonna blow any second as he hears “CREEEEEEAK!”...... but there was no bang. poipole was scared to open his eyes to see why there was no boom. he peaked. And he’s still in one piece. But it doesn’t look like the tank was empty! What stoped him from going confetti?
He looked above his head (cuz he’s upside down) and sees another Pokémon came and shut it off! ( I may have not said this but poipole befriended a machop after he got back to normal in the last comic and it looks like he came to save him) after the hose got removed and the only thing keeping him from floating away was the vine from earlier...poipole greatly thanked his friend! And machop approves with poipoles roundness. Poipole blushed and was happy his friend like him as a balloon. So machop takes the vine cuts it short and takes the part holding poipole and takes a walk with his new balloon. They were both very happy.... and one of them is kinda embarrassed but still enjoys the walk.
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