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A banker, a salesman, and Colonel Saunders walk into a cafe....
Mr. White, Mr. Brown, and Mr. Gray met for at The Greasy Fork for a luncheon meeting.

“Don’t you guys look spiffy,” commented their waitress. “Snazzy brown suit with orange checks. Dignified gray suit with blue pinstripes, ooh, Mr. Lawyer! And I love that white summer suit, and the snappy white panama hat. Just like Colonel Saunders! So, what’ll it be, gentlemen?”

Mr White ordered a Reuben sandwich, then exclaimed, “Say! I just noticed that none of us are wearing a suit color that matches our name.”

“So what?” asked the man in in the gray suit. “I’ll have the steak sandwich.”

"Gotcha," said the waitress. "So you guys are called Gray, White, and Brown, but the steak sandwich here ain't Mr. Gray?"

“Right. I'll have Spaghetti bolognese, please,” ordered the third man.

When the waitress brought their plates, she handed each man his order and addressed him by name.

How did she know who was who?

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