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the revenge of the put upon Shrimp.

the Shrimp Talkback

Sam Adams and friends
Were enjoying a shrimp feast
Watching the live shrimp
Being roasted
Waiting to enjoy eating them

The head shrimp jump out of the pot
Followed by other shrimp
Soon thousands of shrimp
Were everywhere

The head shrimp spoke up

What gives you the right
To kill us
To eat us
To burn us alive.

Perhaps we should kill you
Tear you apart
And eat you?

Would you like that
You human scumbags?”

The shrimp surrounded the humans
Swarming all over them
Killing them

Burning them
As they overturn
The flaming pots

Biting them
Smothering them
In hot sauce
As they eat them


“Death to all humans”

The head shrimp finally said

“Enough, no more
Time to go
We are so out of here

The shrimp all ran out the door
And back into the shrimp farm waters.
The firefighters
Find the charred remains
Of the humans

Now just charred skin and bones
Wondering how they died
The shrimp in the pound

Wondering if they should attack
But decide they had eaten
Enough human meat
For the evening.

a dark poem I wrote a while back. I wrote this the morning after I had a great shrimp feast.
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