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My own writing prompt from writing.com

Place: A small cafe

Actor: A baker

Object: A slice of pie

Time: Spring, 2025

"One Spring Evening"

The Cafe is Jennifer's Bistro, Jennifer is the Baker, the slice of pie is called French Silk Pie.

The Spring of 2025 was a beautiful one. The flowers blooming and my Bistro was busy that whole day. I just closed my Bistro for the evening when my Best Friend Tyson came by to say hi and to walk home from work. Before we headed out we sat down at one of my tables and we each had a big piece of my freshly made French Silk Pie, and a scoop of chocolate ice cream on the side. He asked me how my day was, and I answered it was exasperating and busy today. I have to cater a wedding next week and a High school graduation the next week. Other then that it was a good day. I asked him how was your day? He said it was a slow day today and a lazy day day as well. Tyson asked me do you want to go see a movie tonight, or possibly go and have some drinks my treat he said. I said how about we go and have some drinks tonight. I could use a couple of drinks tonight. Tyson that is fine and maybe we can do a little bit of Karaoke as well. I responded sure that sounds like a plan.

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