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This is a short story I did for an assignment on a virtual dating app in the future.
Let's jump to the future of July 29, 2024 when there is a dating app that is all virtual but for two sets of couples it turns into a disaster the server breaks down and these couples are trapped in it for a week with no food, no water, and no way out of the app. There is two girls that are best friends but one was leery about signing up for the app but her best friend talks her into it just to try it out. She told her bestfriend if you don't like you can unsubscribe from it and delete the app. There is also two young men hat are best friends as well they both sign up for the app without any reservations about it. The two girls get matched with the two young men and that is where the adventure or you can call it disaster if you want happens. The two female best friends names are Sierra and Leanne they are both new to Arizona they just moved there from Wisconsin they wanted to make some friends they could hang out with hence why they signed up for the dating app. The two young men that are bestfriends are Johnathon and Jackson the are natives to Arizona. Johnathon has been a member of the app for two months and he enjoys it and he tells Jackson about who signs up for the app as well.

Can you believe it Sierra we're finally here in Arizona and away from our parents in Wisconsin. Yeah but we're here at the worst time of the year which is summer yuck it's supposed to be 117 today. I know I loved the Summers too in Wisconsin Sierra. As long as we have our swimming pool we will survive the Summer months don't you agree Sierra. Yeah I guess your right Leanne I still don't like these hot temperatures. Sierra it's going to take time to get use to the high temperatures in Arizona. We just moved here a month ago now and I'm still not use to the triple digit temperatures.

Have you seen that add for this company called Virtual Reality Dating? It's an app you can get on your phone without leaving home. Yeah I've seen it I saw something about it that they upgraded it to where you can feel and touch your partner through the phone app. That sounds interesting do you want to check it out and sign up to join it? I don't know Leanne it sounds a little shady. Worse case scenario if we don't like ir we can cancel our membership. Just think Sierra we could meet some nice gentlemen on it and we could hook up with them for a couple dates maybe even more. I still don't like it Leanne what if we hook with a couple of guys who escaped the loony bin even worse prison. Sierra I'm sure they do extensive background checks on their clients when they sign up. You only live once Sierra you need to live your life to the fullest and grab it by the horns and enjoy the ride. Remember Leanne every time I did that I've gotten my heart broken multiple times. I understand Sierra, but will you at least give it a try with me? This way we can watch each others backs. I don't know Leanne, please Sierra for morale support? I guess so Leanne but if I don't like it I'm quitting the app no ifs ands or buts do you understand me Leanne? Yes Sierra that's fine but at least you tried something new with me.

Hello ladies welcome to the Virtual Reality Dating app., You need a date this is the right app for you. In fact we just updated our software where dating is surreal you can touch your partner through the app on your phone for the full dating experience. I hope you enjoy and thanks for being a part of our virtual reality dating app community.

Hey Johnathon have you heard about the Virtual reality Dating app? I think it's great I've been a member of for two months now. In fact it just updated the software where you can touch your partner through the phone app isn't that cool? I haven't met anyone yet that I would like to hook up with yet. It sounds good I think I will sign up for it.

(Two Hours Later)
Hey Jackson I got a match with someone who just moved here from Wisconsin her name is Leanne and she's 25 years old it's amazing at how much we have in common with each other. I got a match too she also just moved here from Wisconsin her name is Sierra she's 24 years old. She moved here with her best friend Leanne. She said she's leery of this app she says shady. She was trying it with her best friend to see how it works. So let's contact them on the app to get to know them better. That sounds like a plan Jackson.

Sierra I got a match already his name is Johnathon and he's 27 years old he asked if I knew you His friend got matched with you his name is Jackson and he's 26 years old. They both want to get to know us better. They will both be contacting us in 20 minutes to join them in the virtual reality room on the phone app. So all four of them go to the virtual reality room as a double date. They ordered lunch and they talked to each other during lunch. Then they went to leave and they couldn't leave. The app had glitched and they were stuck in there until the glitch was repaired which would take 7 days for it to be resolved.
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