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Oh deary deary me. A poem in the rondelet form.
Perhaps you know
I've already fallen for you
Perhaps you know
Though we met a moment ago
my heart's beating so fast due to
your presence, you gorgeous young ewe
Perhaps you know

Written in the Rondelet form for the Poet's Place group

The Poet's Place   (E)
Poets can discuss, review, request reviews, etc. of their unique form of writing.
#1937699 by Dave

The elements of the Rondelet are:

1) a heptastich, a poem in 7 lines.
2) in French syllabic. Syllable count per line are 4-8-4-8-8-8-4 In English tends to be iambic in pattern.
3) composed with a rentrement, in the Rondelet the entire L1 is repeated as refrain in L3 and L7.
4) rhymed. Rhyme scheme interlocks between the refrain AbAabbA.

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