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My experiences during Covid.
          Well. ...it's been a year and 7 months since Corona spread its wings in India. It has been an experience, not to forget but to remember what it has taught us. Honestly speaking it has been a testing time for the whole world. But I look at it this way...that mother nature has its own way to test us . This time and after a long time if may say it has tested the entire mankind. And no stone was left unturned to make our life hell by this devastating pandemic. Still being a positive person I have many positive things which Corona has taught me. And mostly importantly to never loose hope whatever the situation be.I learnt to be resilient, patient, disciplined and calm in this adversity of life.I learnt what life is and what it means to loose a life just by sheer negligence of precautions          to be taken when required . It has also given me the time to built a stronger bond with my family. Like all, I too, took time to come to terms and start accepting that a threat as serious as this looms large on us every single time we move out of our house. Being the sole bread winner of the house all including me were worried as to what will happen after the pandemic. Will I keep my job or will I be fired. All questions which seemed so unanswerable at that time kept hovering around my mind. Then I thought what if I was fired even if Corona wasn't there. I would have had to look out for another job at that time. I realized that Corona has taught me that nothing is permanent and can't be taken for granted, be it my job or my life. It taught me the importance of personal hygiene and physical well being. I , being a diabetic started being more careful about my diet.I became more protective about my family and their health in particular. My deepest gratitude to all doctors and the entire medical fraternity who were there for us all the time during this pandemic. A big salute to all the women who looked after the house and the family, that too without any maids or domestic help. Believe me it's not easy to manage everything.
Now since the threat has considerably reduced 1 find myself at peace and focused in life The things Corona has thought me helps me everyday as 1 strive to be a better human being. All of us spent most of the times on the internet during this period and I am fortunate enough to keep in touch with my friends. Along the way 1 made some new friends and they like all my friends were the ones who 1 feel were sent by God in my life during this testing times. They were there for me whenever 1 required them to talk with or need their guidance and support. u's been a hell of a time for all. And am sure it will be over sooner than later.Corona scared me to death but eventually taught me to be alive and accept all that life gives me with a big smile of course.

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