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Oct. 16: - CONTEST ROUND: Antagonist Background Story - Malcolm Bilton, Earl of Lymington
Author's Note

The madder Malcolm got, the less he limped. The indignity from his injury when he ran from the sow fueled growing anger at his sister and brother. They walked ahead of him, Isabelle supporting Hiram, still bleeding from the wound the same boar had caused when he deflected its charge.

It was often like this. The two of them excluded him, acting as if he wasn’t there. Isabelle and Hiram were close, much more so to each other than to him. Even their pet names for each other, Isa and Hy twisted his stomach — there was no pet name for him. "No, in their world, I’m little more than a third wheel, unwanted, mearly tolerated."

Isabelle angered him for all she was that Malcolm wasn’t. Fiesty and independent, she voiced her opinion freely, and she challenged authority and balked at society’s expectations. She chaffed at being forced into the role demanded of her, openly protesting her coming entrance to the convent. Malcolm was a conformist, the perfect politician, pleasing everyone while hiding his goals and aspirations deep within.

"And Hiram!" Shaking his head in frustration. “I knew what Hiram’s goals are." Of course, Hiram doesn’t want to join the Empire’s military, it has nothing at all to do with his supposed selfless desire to be a help to his fellows. It was about the Duchy, and Hiram wanted to steal that from him. Why would he study engineering like Father? Why would he study so hard that he’d graduate early from school and enter the Imperial College so young? He was purposely following Father’s footsteps.

Isabelle’s laugh at some nonsense from Hiram snapped Malcolm’s thoughts back to the now. They both walked ahead of him, confident and happy. Sure of themselves. Despite Hiram’s wound and Isabelle’s need to support him, their movements belied their athletic grace, yet again they eclipsed Malcolm. He stumbled over a small stone, the Earl of Lymington, heir to the Duchy of Hampshire cursed his lot in life.

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