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Rated: E · Fiction · Drama · #2261105
Daily Flash Fiction 10/30/21 W/C 284

Crunch went my arm. Dog stood at my side, puzzled as to why I laid on the frozen road.

“Yikes, that sorta hurt. Well, don’t just look at me.” Sally the dog licked my face. I stood, cradled my broken wing.

We continued on, the pain settled into a mild ache. Soon we arrived home. As the afternoon wore on, pain came back to visit.

‘Hello, remember me?’

I lay on my bed, cradled my arm. Sally lay beside me on the floor.

“Go away. I hurt my arm. Bugger it all.”

‘I know. I’m here to make you miserable. It’s going to get worse.’ Pain nagged me.

No position helped. If I held the arm, it hurt. If I put it over my head, it hurt. If I laid it on the bed, it hurt.

“Are you okay?” John came to check on me.

“No, I really messed up my arm walking Sally.”

“Why don’t you let me help you. Let’s go to the clinic.” He sat on the bed.

“Ouch. Get up. That hurt.” I cradled my arm.

‘You are a baby, Mary. I told you I would get worse. I keep my word.’

“John, I think I’m hearing voices. Pain is talking to me.” Tears ran down my face.

“I’m getting the keys. You get up, into the car. We’re headed to the doctor. Sally, kennel, now!”

A few hours later I settled into bed with a cast on my broken arm. John brought me tea and pain pills. Sally again settled beside the bed.

Pain came one more time. ‘You’re lucky. See you next time.’ A black cloud lifted to fly out of sight as I drifted off to sleep.

W/C 284
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