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by Twerd
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No one can know. It's too soon, but too hard to resist. Can they resist each other?
          Everyone already left for the night. We began our lock up routine, walking throughout the building in opposite directions checking the doors and turning off all the lights. We met in the middle by the kitchen area, where we would then walk together towards our offices. It was a short distance, 8 feet then a left and 5 feet down the hall to his office. Our rooms were separated by the copy room. I kept walking while he turned into his workspace.

He was unusually quiet today. We normally continued the discussion from the bible study we just ha, today he taught on the good Samaritan. I watched intently when he was teaching. He always smiled when he was explaining the scripture, his dimples fully exposed. He had three deep wrinkles that would show when he smiled too. He wasn't even 30 yet and his face was already so aged, but in all the right ways. He was such a positive energy in the room. His eyes would always meet mine as they tranced around the room and linger on mine for a few moments longer than the others. The Green eyes that entertained my muddy brown eyes.

I made my way into my office, picking up my backpack that I had thrown on the ground and stuffing my bible into it before slinging it on my back. I grabbed my guitar that I leaned against the metal frame of my desk, my fingers tightly gripping the neck and carefully returning it back to the empty hook on the wall between the others. I stood there for a minute to admire the three beautiful acoustic guitars hanging above my keyboard. A content smile crept up on my lips.

Sudden movement out of the corner of my eye made me turn to meet his gaze. He stood in the doorway, hands tucked into his front pockets causing his shoulders to hunch a little. He had such a flat expression, but his eyes were slightly narrowed. It was so clear he had a war going on in his mind.

         " Are you ready?" I smiled at him, gripping the one strap that was digging into my shoulder and tugging it into a better position.

He took one step towards me, his eyes surveying my face, the battle on the inside was coming to an end. The air suddenly seemed more dense in here. My lungs were not able to draw in enough air. He took another step that caused the space between us to shrink. His long legs made up the distance effortlessly. My chest began to hurt from the lack of oxygen I was drawing in or maybe it was from my heart pounding in anticipation. My chin tilted up as he moved closer so I could still meet his eyes. Has he always been this tall? Maybe it was because I had never been that close to him before. My shoulder gave out and let the strap slide off. A thud from my backpack hitting the floor was the only noise that cut into the silence.

His long soft fingers slid along the side of my neck and his fingertips rested at the nape of my neck. His thumb stroked my jaw line. My skin tingled from his touch. My face was boiling. HIs eyes stared into mine. His irises were a light sea foam color. He was still deciding his next move. I was frozen. At this point I'm pretty sure I wasn't breathing.

          " Why is this so hard?" He asked. I'm sure this question was more for himself to answer. It answered some of my internal questions. He wanted me. The desire radiated through his body and was seeping into my skin from his very touch. I wanted more than anything to close the space. I wanted his embrace. I wanted him. He bent down slightly so our faces were closer, I could now feel his hot breath on my cheeks. I closed my eyes, ready. His grip tightened more securely, but then he let go.

Cold air whipped around me. My eyes shot open just in time to see the back of him retreating out of my office. Just moments after the outer door slammed shut. My legs gave out and I caught myself on my hands and knees. I was gasping, my lungs trying to catch all the oxygen I was deprived of. All of the tension followed him out, but his words lingered in the room with a constant echo that bounced off my head over and over.

Why is this so hard?
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