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Writer's Cramp
A solitary snowflake and the panic sets in. Memories of past winters come flooding back and filling me with dread.

The Beast from the East, when my granddaughter was born. Will the ambulance be able to get down the hill safely? More important, will it get back up again? "We'll send the air ambulance if we have to." For a week my son-in-law cleared the steps of snow. He went out with the neighbours gritting the roadway. The ambulance did get through. Panic over.

A few years before, nine inches of impacted snow. It was an ice rink. The steps were clear but the roadway was impassable. I wanted to do a food shop. No way could I walk to the bus stop. I ordered a taxi but they refused to come down my road. Luckily, I had enough food to last a week more. But the ice didn't melt. I needed food. How would I get it?

I still remember the guy from Tesco using the shopping crates as a toboggan. He couldn't risk his vehicle, but he got the shopping to my door. "Hey, that was fun." Fun for him maybe; I was just relieved. He did slip and slide getting back up the hill, but he waved when he made it. But the ice didn't melt and the panic remained.

Christmas was cancelled that year. My daughter would not risk her car and the taxis were still refusing to come down. It was if-its for dinner. Salmon paste on crackers for a starter. Fish fingers and chips for a main. Tinned fruit for dessert with homemade icecream. Thank you daughter for that birthday present of an icecream maker.

This was when I was fit and well. Now I rely on carers. If they can't get to me what will I do? A solitary snowflake and the panic sets in.

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