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I felt like there could be an improvement on what there saying... I’m S E R I O U S
Today was a nice day was just relaxing and all was good but poipole doesn’t know that he’s in for a heck of a time

Poipole: man alola is beautiful...sun shining bright. The tides are even relaxing. I don’t want this day to ever end.

Pikachu: (sneaks up on poipole)

Pikachus mind: “hehe this is gonna be a fun prank. As long as I don’t get seen I can surprise him.”

Poipole: hmm? Who’s there? Oh! Hello pikachu!

Pikachus mind: “drat”

Pikachu: hi poipole...

Poipole: say...that’s a very interesting thing in your arm you got there...is it some kind of toy?

Pikachu: you....could say that

Poipole: it looks pretty fun! Can I see what it does.

Pikachu: (shoves hose in poipoles mouth) allow me to show you!

Poipole: mmph?

Pikachu: (starts pumping)

Poipole: (belly swells)

Poipoles head: “ huh?! What’s going on? What’s pikachus doing?! And why do I feel like I just ate a whole watermelon?”

Pikachu: ha! This is payback for all the times you tickled me! By the time I’m done you can pretty much can be used as a beach ball!

Poipoles head: “now I feel bad and full”

Poipoles belly (FWOOMP!)

Poipole: “gah! I...I can’t move! What’s happening to me?! H-HELP!

Pikachu: (pumps faster) I can tell your freaking out...dont worry I’m not gonna let you pop...you should be amazed you can do this

Poipoles head: “I’m NOT!”

Poipoles belly: (guuurgle...streeeecch..)

Poipoles head: “I feel so full... And to be honest....I wanna see how big I get”

Poipoles head needles: (starts spewing air) (fsssssss...)

Poipoles head: “I don’t know how that makes sense but I’m ignoring it”

Pikachu: this is going too slow...let’s kick it into overdrive! (Pumps even faster)

Poipoles belly: (creeak! Groooan! Guuurgle!)

Poipoles head: ack! So...tight I don’t know if I’ll be able to hold it in any longer!”

Poipoles belly: (CREAK! GROAN !)

Poipole: “ I...I can’t take it anymore...the pressure...it’s too much....”

Poipoles belly: (FWOOMP!)

Poipoles head: “ I guess this is how I go out... with a bang”

Poipoles belly:(GROOAN!)

Poipoles head: “I’m...too full... I’m...gonna...i.........I”

poipoles belly: (CEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAK!)

Poipoles head: “IM GONNA EXPLODE!”

Poipoles belly: (CREEEEEeeeee......stops

Poipoles head: “.......h-huh?......is it..over?....am I...still in one piece?

Poipole: (slowly opens eye)

Poipoles head: “I’m....I’m so huge...it’s amazing... I never knew... I could contain so much...”

Poipoles belly: (groooowl)

Poipoles head: “I’m not feeling too well”

Pikachu: whew! That was a real workout! Wouldent you say poipole?

Poipole: mmhhh!...

Pikachu: oh I forgot about the hose (releases hose from poipoles mouth)

Poipole: t-thank you... the feeling of air going down my throat was getting annoying.

Pikachu: (runs up and hugs poipoles)

Poipole: w-woah hey don’t run up and squeeze me! I’m still getting used to this...

Pikachu: sorry... so you doing ok?

Poipole: I’m fine.....just a little...urp...full...feeling a little lightheaded but I’m ok...

Pikachu: (climbs on poipoles huge belly) hehe now I got you back for tickleing me...

Poipole: I know and I deserve to be inflated like this... I just want to say I’m sorry..,

Pikachu: it’s ok I forgive you...

Poipole: (belly rumbles) ow...

Pikachu: are you sure your ok?

Poipole: ok I’m feeling a little under the weather like this I’ve never had to hold in so much before.

Pikachu: well I hope your ok..(yawn) all that pumping made me sleepy. Would y...

Poipole: go right ahead! You deserve a rest after all that.

Pikachu: thanks...good night poipole...

Poipole: good night pikachu...

The end

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