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When someone very close to you refuses to walk along with you, My experience....
What should I do to make you smile again?

Haven't we shared secrets and created stories;
Judging our friends and our theories?
The trust we once used to share;
How can you just watch it disappear?

What should I say that you feel safe by my side again?
What should I do to make you smile again?

Haven't I told you that they broke me;
Breaking my glass heart in glee?
Weren't you the one to say;
With your tear drops they play?
Leaving you broken while they were gay?

How should I tell you that our friendship is our only lane?
What should I do to make you smile again?

"Best Friends", we said, right?, I hugged you, with sorrow before you fight,
I also did stupid things for your delight,
We wrote poems, made cards for each other, made with all our might;
We turned our darknesses into light, consoling each other whole night.

Understand, everything I do for you is for your gain
What should I do to make you smile again?

Didn't I care for you while you lay?
Didn't I say that may your fears and your bads be away?
Wasn't I to say that all your problems are mine;
Prayed for your health when you refused to dine?

Please don't break me to pieces in vain....
What should I do to make you smile again?

We played our hearts,
We shared our thoughts ,
We helped each other ,
We made memories for which I bother.

I didn't let a tear flow down any of your eye
You laugh happily while mine sie

Anyways, what should I do ,what should I do, my friend, to blossom that angelic smile of yours....again

What should I do to make you smile again?😭

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