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by Timber
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A little shadow fox wanders the forest after a fresh rain.
The trees parted in the thicket of the forest; winter birds and rabbits that burrowed down into the heat of the earth, nestled beneath the dirt above them. The forest trees that shook with life began to die down. An evening frostbit the earth's crust. Trees gently swayed in the wind, graning and creaking like an old wooden door. Bethithe the woven roots of a an old oak tree; benith the tangled tree that sat alon a large rock hiused a small cave. At its entrence, foilage and small plants hid its entrence so it was nearly camafloges againsed the leefy plants and trees. There was a black fliker that dimmed from the whol of the cave. The creatures back rose and fell, its eyes heavy, althought eyes mey not have been the right word. It was a strange creature. It ears long and pointed, small paws, a long snout, and a long large tain that flicked ack and forth and would acationally sway back andfrouth,lightly brushing againsed his face. It was that, somthing of a fox, but not quite. The greed and broun colors of moss and raw earth barly shining though its body. Its coal black "furr" shimered in the light; alsost tened like staine glass. It was somthing strange, somthing of matter but black. A fox of the shadows. Its eyes drew wide open, just wight, 2 yellow puples at each senter. It strached it legs, sliping silently from its cave as it walked out, the morning sunlight glistening againsed its face. Liek blue purls the morning dew slid down the leaves of the trees and a misty fog that lumered above the grounds cold face. The fox walked for a while, gasing up againsed the atum skys. Everything was silent. Throught the cool morning breezz.
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