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My growing up days
I grew up in Delhi, the capital Of our country.

Regardless of the weather, We would get up at 6 AM. Our dinner time was at 8:00PM and bed time was 9:00PM

Eating out at a restaurant was a huge deal, that only really happened when it was a birthday or a very special occasion.

There was no such thing as Fast food on every other day, and having a bottle of Thums Up, Limca, Gold Spot, Coca Cola or a Large milkshake was a real treat.

We took our school clothes off as soon as we got home and put on our ‘home’ clothes.

There was no taking or picking you up in the car, we either boarded the public bus or walked to school and back! We got home did our chores and our homework before dinner.

We didn’t have Amazon Prime or Netflix, we had only 1 channel to watch, Doordarshan!!! We had a fixed TV time and we would look forward to the Sunday movies. Chitrahar was a delight and was addicted to adjusting the 13 rod antenna to watch The Jungle Book, Alif-Laila, Shaktimaan and Mahabharat

We waited for gifts from overseas..esp chocolates, camay soap,digital watches, warm cosy knitwear clothing which looked so chic at that time but was kept away for "special occasions" as after currency conversion the garment was super duper expensive.

We played dark room, Cops & Robbers, Hide & Seek, 7 stones, Football, Cricket and any other game we could come up with.

Staying in the house was a PUNISHMENT and the only thing we knew about "bored" was --- "You better find something to do before I find it for you!"

We played music via a Vinyl records or recording Cassettes.... A recording session on the cassette was like an achievement.

Five bucks would buy us Ice creams, Campa Cola, marbles, churan and puchkas.

We ate food what Mum made for dinner ( which was always super delicious) or we ate nothing at all and if we didn’t eat our vegetables there was no dessert.

Bottled water was luxury, we drank it straight from the tap. Even at train stations.

We traveled everywhere by Trains and the train journeys were such an adventure (where the biggest treat would be to get the window seat facing away from the engine)

Summer holiday would be spent mostly at home or maybe a short stay at Nana and Nani’s home and those were the best vacations ever !

We weren't AFRAID OF ANYTHING. We played till dark... sunset was our alarm.

If someone had a fight, that's what it was and we were friends again a week later, if not SOONER.

We watched our MOUTHS around our elders because ALL of our aunts, uncles, grandpas, grandmas, AND our parents' best friends were all extensions of our PARENTS and we didn't want them telling our parents if we misbehaved! Or they would give us something to cry!

We never answered back..... ever !! And still don't even when we were not at fault.

We got punished / caned at school for not doing homework, being late to class or being naughty and hoped our parents wouldn’t find out or we would get punished again.

Those were the good days😁

We loved our childhood and all the Friends we hung around with.....the best times ever🤓😘

Those were the days when less was more . We had little but happiness was maximum.

I definitely am thankful
And I definitely relate to all of it....and am who I am because of this!
The city or state doesn't really matter....all rules were the same everywhere!

#good old days❤️
If GOD grant me a wish I would want to go back to those times that I still cherish.


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