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Flash fiction
"I know you did it." Two pairs of eyes fixed mine; the picture of innocence. I surveyed the debris. The only parcel taken from under the tree was the one containing chocolates. No wonder they had been sick. I moved on to the kitchen. My granny's platter was smashed on the floor. But where was the sliced turkey?

Two bulging bellies told the truth of that. And how on earth did they get into that cupboard? Plastic film and chunks of cardboard was all that was left of a week's supply of food. "You greedy pair." The eyes averted. They knew they were in the wrong. Then the vomiting started again. I looked at them with disgust. "As if it's not bad enough you've eaten our Christmas dinner."

Tails between their legs, the two dogs crept off to their beds. "And a Merry Christmas to you too...ugh!"

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