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Dancehall Music is a genre of cultural revelation in songs but lacks the recognition.
This is Dancehall Poetry
Which is definitely

Why hide the artistry?
Why cover up reality?
Why berate the artists?
Why tear down
The music industry?

Many educators push
For standard use
The language.
But how can feelings,
Social issues, and
Communication be effective
If the masses who use
The substandard are told
To shut up?

Time for certain institutions
To apologize
To Little Lennie.
You all tried to destroy
His future,
His respect, his education,
His diploma ...

Did I say "diploma?"
And to think of it
Unuh neva give him any.

Now, let's meet
The Dancehall Trinity ...
Bounty, Kartel
And Busy.

“Dats Gadzilla.”
The new collab
With Vybz and Busy
Cooling off the heat;
Displaying the most
Exhilarating beat.

A musical top-a-top threat
Which will bring music lovers
To their feet.

Bounty deemed it
"Clinically sick"
As the "Zillas" will
Make the hit.

Fans, it's all about
A new collab era
"BusyZilla", "AddiZilla"
The Killa
"The GadZilla."
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