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What you can do to stay safe, keep your home safe, and protect your children from COVID
COVID Policies and Practices for Your Home, Even if You Live Alone!

1. Limit the number of persons that may come in and out of your home
2. Require all persons coming in and out of your home to wear a mask
3. If they come to your home to visit, work, or play without a mask, give them a mask before allowing entry
4. Make sure they wash their hands before touching anything in your home
5. Ensure that you have hand sanitizer available, and it is used at all time
6. Set social distancing markers in the home for visitors and workers to follow
7. Have shoe coverings available for workers to cover their shoes when entering (the best way is to require foot coverings when making the appointment)
8. Have gloves available for use by family, guests, workers, etc.
9. Disinfect your home at least twice a day or more if people are regularly coming in and out of your home
10. Family members leaving and returning to your home should at a minimum change their clothes before sitting, touching, or using any household items
11. Soiled clothing should be immediately placed in the washing machine or container for soiled clothes
12. Post your COVID policies on your entries (front and back doors, basement doors, if used)
Remember, it is your health and safety that you are protecting, and the health of your family.
Companies have rules for helping to keep workers safe, and your home should also have safety policies to keep your family members safe.
Our children are required to go to schools for in-person learning and around others who may not practice any of these safety precautions. In addition, social distancing may not be possible in many of the classrooms, cafeterias, or hallways. So, help your student protect themselves, you, and other family members by applying these rules in your home.
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