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by Box.12
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A girl gets a Mosquito bite.
I was playing outside with my friends about to catch the ball in the air when I suddenly feel a itch on my right arm. I itch my arm thinking nothing about it and continue playing. Later on I go inside to get some water. I enter the kitchen where my mom's boyfriend Winston was sitting at the table playing on his phone. I get a cup and head to the fridge to get ice when I feel a itch on my arm. I scratch my arm and Winston notices. He puts his phone in his pocket and walks over to me and grabs my arm looking at the bite and seeing how swollen and red it was. I ask him what he want's and he tells me he can make the bite go away. He tells me to wait there and I see him get a pot out and fill it with water. He then puts it on the stove and cranks the heat up. I get nervous and put the ice in my cup. I walk back to the fridge to put the ice tray up. He calls my name and takes the pot off the stove which he turns off after setting the pot down. I walk over to him and ask what the pot with hot water in it was for. Your arm I hear him say. He grabs my arm and tells me to stay still. I see him pick up the pot and watch him bring it to my arm. Panic rushes through my body and I try to pull away from him. He grabs my arm tighter and tells me it won't hurt. He pours a small amount on my arm. I can feel my eyes tear up to the burning sensation. I tell him it hurts. He calls me a big baby and says that it doesn't hurt that bad and he that he didn't even heat it up for long. He pours more water on my arm. I try to pull away again but he pulls me towards to him. I get more scared when he yells at me for moving and for getting water on the floor. He pulls me towards the sink so he won't spill anymore water on the floor. He pours a large amount of water on my arm. I yell at him that it burns. I see him get mad and pours the rest of the water on my arm. He sets the pot down and pulls me closer to him and says that I am a big baby for crying and yelling. I can feel my chest hurt from the words. He let's go of my arm. I grab my cup and run outside. I look at my arm seeing how red it was. I try to touch it but pull away when I feel it burn. I stayed away from Winston for the rest of the day and try to forget about what happened. I really hate Mosquitoes.
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