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Something For Me, By Me in 2022, All About ME
Dear Me:

2022. Sometimes I look at the date and cannot believe my eyes.

Did I even do a Dear Me for myself in 2021? I don't remember as 2021 was a year full of sadness and grief for me at the loss of my pup the previous December.

I was hospitalized in April, and realized I wanted to come home. So, I did.

Not only do I not remember writing this last year, I have no energy to look for any such item. 2022 starts out easier in that sense because after all this time, my pup would be gone now either way. I don't even know if that makes any sense. I take my comfort where I can find it.

Today is the ninth day of January. I have already stuck to my goal of reading and reviewing at least one item while I am here, every day I log in. Yay. That's the extent of goals on here for me. Oh, and trying to write for I Write: Decade Edition. This item here is part of that there activity.

I don't know if I am judging Dear Me as the judges haven't been named. If I am judging, I won't be eligible, but I wanted to try and do this anyway. I know better than to inquire around here. Inquiring only leads to endless waiting and me pawing the dirt.

I can do that without inquiring. See, I have learned something. Change the subject HOOves. Assume the worst possible scenario. Wisdom with age and all that. Still haven't decided whether or not to enter. Probably won't, so this is just for me, for now, but it's a good exercise in writing.

Or so I've heard.

Goals offline. I have also stuck to going through one drawer/section/box at a time for nine days. Wow. Plus, I will do more to keep things clean on a daily basis, instead of back straining weekly cleanings. We'll see how long it all lasts. I am not optimistic.

My ultimate goal for 2022 is to wise up. Watch better news shows. I gotta be me.

Who sang that? Google it, Hooves. Google it.


HOOVes *Heart*

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