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Toriel eats WAY too many butterscotch pies--!!!
"Momma?" Asriel asked. "Momma...? Where are you?" he said. He walked through the hallway, looking left and right, until he heard a noise. The noise sounded like a monstrous growl. Asriel followed the noise, only to find a big purple and white blob in the room. Although, the longer he looked at it, he realized it wasn't a blob, it was his mother! He was so surprised to see her this big. The source of the growling was her stomach- from being full of pies. Although she kept stuffing her face--!!! How did she do it?! She was slowly expanding with each pie, and her dress began to rip. Each time she moved, her massive body jiggled like a mass of Jello. "Momma!" Asriel exclaimed. He tried to crawl up on his mother's gargantuan belly, but couldn't. So, he grabbed a ladder and leaned it against her. He crawled up on her belly, and crawled onto her gigantic boobs. He then got in front of her face, and she was stuffing her face with pies. "Momma... quit eating!!" Asriel said. He took the pie from Toriel. "Huh...? Oh, my child, please do stick that in my mouth--" Toriel said with a soft voice. Asriel just sat there, holding the pie and staring at his mother. "Asriel, don't disappoint mother... give mother the pie, please." Toriel repeated. Asriel just continued to sit there. He couldn't move. He couldn't figure out how she held that many pies. But what Asriel DIDN'T know, is that all that mass was FAT. The pies were building up fat. But Asriel thought she was filling her belly with pies. "Asriel, when I get finished, you're getting your butt spanked!" his mother threatened. Asriel ignored it. He jumped off of her and ran for Asgore, his father. When Asriel found his father, he notified him of Toriel's size, and Asgore went to check it out. "O-Oh my..." Asgore said, surprised by his wife's girth. "Asgore, can you please tell Asriel to--" she stopped herself right before belching. "BWWWUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRP---- I-I'm sorry, can you tell Asriel to give me the pie, please...?" she said. "OH MY!!!" Asgore yelled. He snatched the pie from Asriel and crawled up onto his wife and began to force feed her. Soon, she was getting so big that Asgore had to move her outside. He continued to force feed his big, beautiful wife. Her clothes ripped completely after about a thousand more pounds, and her bra and panties were the only thing keeping her covered, but they wouldn't last long.
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