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writers cramp birthday celebration entry due 1/30/22
Dear who I was,

I know what you are thinking. I was there. Yes, this is real.

I know this is advice you will not take but I give it freely anyway. I do because I did because I always will.

Don't get in that car to search for him. Let him go. Let him be. He isn't yours, you never wanted him anyway.

You're going to do it anyway, but you were warned. Don't blame the little old lady who forgot her glasses. If you listen you won't be there to be crashed into. You wouldn't have lost the house, the dogs, the cats. There will be no seven months in a homeless shelter. You won't nearly be evicted from the shelter because you lied so he could be with you.

He's trouble. Let him go! Don't stay by his side. He'll beat you!

Your son won't see daddy putting bruises on his mommy. You won't have to lie about being suddenly so clumsy.

Please, dear me, do not make my mistakes. Make your own...

a concerned party.

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