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Dialogue with William Shatner for the January The Dialogue 500 prompt
"Hey, William, good to still catch you here on the stage. Can we have a quick chat?"
"It will be really quickly? I am heading to the season finale party."
"I promise. So, this was the last episode of Star Trek."
"How do you feel about it?"
"Well, we have been to places where no one has gone before so... nostalgic, I would say."
"Star Trek has broken barriers, like having the first interracial kiss on American TV, for example."
"And a good kiss, I must say."
"You know, it's said that a writer always put something of himself in his characters. Is this the same for actors? How much of Captain Kirk lives in you?"
"I can tell you that we are both handsome... and we both like beautiful women. But... I think Kirk is a little bit more audacious than I am."
"How come?"
"He always goes first when facing an unknown situation, enemy, or place. I don't think I would do that!"
"Hmm... I think you would!"
"Really? So, you think you know me better than myself?"
"Let's say I have an intuition. But tell me, would you rather be a Spock?"
"No, definitely not! I am a passionate man!"
"And how about Khan?"
"He was a good one! And I also follow Milton's opinion: better be a king in Hell than a servant in Heaven."
"What did you like more in the show?"
"The fact that I did not have to wear a red shirt! If you were not Uhura or Scotty you would risk being out of the show very soon!!"
"Indeed! The stigma of the red shirt!"
"Everything in the show was great: the guest actors, the stories, even the Klingons!"
"Do you speak Klingon?"
"No, but Leonard does... he's the genius after all, you know...!"
"Do you think there will be a continuation to Star Trek?"
"It was a good show and maybe yes, they can take advantage of what we have set in place but... there will never be another Kirk, or Spock, or Bones, or all the Enterprise crew. We are unique!"
"I do believe in that as well. It's a shame that the show ended, by the way. You could write a book about it!"
"Yes, great idea. I will probably do."
"What are your plans for the future?"
"Being Captain Kirk was a big challenge. The next one will be to become a real Kirk and join a trip to the space."
"Wow! These are big plans!"
"Wait for me! You will see!"
"I will surely do! Enjoy the party and... live long and prosper!"

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