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Reflecting on life with four of my cousins after two passed away unexpectedly.
Up early this morning, recognizing that I am only here because God has shown me grace and mercy!
This week started off on a low note. One of my favorite cousins went into the hospital for surgery for back pain that was causing her to stoop/bend over. Her doctor recommended the surgery, and she wanted to ease/get rid of the pain.

Yesterday because of whatever I can't explain and don't understand, she died! Just like that, she was gone. No more back pain, no more stooping/bending, no more life! I was beside myself with grief, and I had to fight to not be in complete shock.

Arthur Lee, Dot, Lillian, and I grew up together in Waycross, Georgia, from 1960 to 1964. We were the real amigos. We slept together, ate together, fought together, danced together, sneaked out of the house together -- we learned and celebrated life TOGETHER. Us against the entire world.

Our parents decided that Center High School was one of the best schools in the world and moved us lock stock and barrel to live with Cousin Mable, Uncle Henry, and Aunt Janie. Cousin Mabel worked day and night for some family outside of the home came home on the weekends or days off. We, the four amigos, ran the house and our lives. We had each other.

Over the years, we remained the four amigos. Now, two of the four are no longer here -- the oldest and the youngest are gone. It was devastating when the youngest passed several years ago. Now, today, the oldest has also transitioned, and the pain and sorrow are profound, but like her sister, Dorothy (Dot) said that this morning, it is hard not to cry, but Arthur Lee would not want us to cry but to find some joy in the life we shared.

Arthur Lee, I pray that God and His angels guided you to your resting place and that you are at peace waiting on the second coming. I love you, girl, and I miss you more than any words I have could ever express.

Peace and blessings always to you and yours.

NOTE: Life is not as short as you think it is, but death is quick, and it comes like a thief in the night! So, live your life like it is your last day on earth and your first day with Christ!
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