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Alone in a night of Christmas eve. You wished to not be alone...
It was a dark and cold night, Christmas eve, a time where everyone gets together and cherish the union and love. Where people get to have a wonderful time, together amongst friends, family, and lovers.

In yout case. It was only you. Sitting alone in your room in front of the balcony's window, with a cup of warm tea, and with darkness and coldness, aa your only guests.

You had no one to spend the night with. Your family? in your home country. You were working in France, far away from home. Your friends? Were spending time with their families. A lover? You didn't even have one.

It was only you. Sitting in the dark and watching from your apartment the streets full of colorful lights. Hearing how people were singing and spending time with their loved ones. And drinking a hot tea.

Saddened because of your loneliness. You thought that traveling to another country to work was a great idea. Exploring the country and their culture, and meeting new people. It has its pros, but the biggest con was that you were alone. Far away from the ones you love with the exception of friends.

While you were thinking in your loneliness and drinking your tea, something was getting closer to you. Then you heard a distinctive sound of a animal. A meow.

You turned your head to the sound a so your cat, a yellowish cat, called laila. She got closer to your chair, sitting right in front of you, waiting for you to pet her. A small smile escaped your mouth, and you put your hand in her head and started to scratch it.

She was enjoying the attention you were giving her. It was normal of her to want your attention. She was a big cat. Bigger than the usual house cat. And when it come to spend time and snuggle with you, she would do anything to call your attention.

After petting het for one last time, you turned to your right looking at the alarm clock in top of your night stand besides your bed. You saw that it was 10:00 pm. So you took a last drink of your tea and got up to the night stand to put your cup there.

You then grabbed laila, and went to the bed, and while doing so you said: "It's time to sleep laila." with a bit of sadness in your voice. Leaving laila on the bed, you then stripped yourself off your clothes, only leaving the boxer and going into the bed.

Laying on your side, you saw Laila getting close to your face and rubbing herself in it. Seemingly noticing your sad mood. Smiling again you got your hand and pet her again "don't worry, im fine..." you said, she then rubbed herself against your hand, and went to laid beside you. Then you closed your eyes. Waiting for sleepiness to take a hold to you.

And a small tear coming out of your eye, you said: "i wish to have someone..." then you fell asleep.

Not long after you fell asleep. Laila started to change, her body started to gradually grow up, and change drastically. Her body change completely from a cat to a woman like body, her stature bigger than you. Like an anthropomorphic animal.

12:00 pm
After a while of her change, she turned herself the opposite way of you. She then slowly opened her yellowish eyes. She immediately felt something different. She then saw her body, completely changed into one of human like. She sat on the edge of the bed and started to admire her body. She looked at her hands in awe, and her legs. She the noticed the biggest change. Her assets. Or her bubbies.

She was in complete awe of her change. She got up and went to look at the balcony's window reflection. And saw all her beautiful body, smiling. Passing her hands against her fur still in complete awe. "what happened to me?" escaped from her mouth. After she said that she immediately covered her mouth in surprise. Turning her head to see if you didn't wake up, she saw that you still were asleep. She then smiled again completely happy of what had happened to her. Her dream of becoming like you had been granted. And now she could be with you. And you would never be alone again.

She the got into the bed and slowly crawled closer to you. She then whispered your name. "Anon..."

You moved a bit, but there was no sign of you waking up. "Hey, Anon. Wake up" she said. You moved again but you didn't wake up. So she the got on top of you. Looking right at you face. "Anon. Wake up!" she yelled-whisper.

Opening you eyes a bit, a groan getting out of you, you opened more your eyes, and you saw 2 yellow cat like eyes staring right at you. "what the?" you said and completely opened your eyes, and saw a women like cat right on top of you with a smile in her face.

Scared you were going to yell. But laila, with her fast reflexes, covered your mouth so you could not yell. "Anon! Calm down! It's me Laila!" she yelled-whispered again. Calming yourself a bit, she removes her hand of your mouth. "L-Laila?" you said confused. "Yes! It's me!" she yelled in excitement. You then looked at her completely confused. "W-what h-happened to you?!" you said surprised. "i don't know! But isn't it amazing?!" she yelled excited. "Laila, your body... You are naked!" you said, but Laila only seem to laugh innocently. "of course im naked, do you think cats like me wear clothes like you humans?" she said with a innocent smile. "B-but you need some clothes, im right in front of you!" you said closing your eyes in embarrassment. She only laughed at your reaction. "Well that because i want to do something i always wished for." she said with excitement in her voice. "And w-what is that?" you asked confused. Shen the smile warmly and got closer to your face and kissed you right in your mouth, putting both her hand in each cheek of your face.

You in surprise opened your eyes and melted into her kiss. The kiss lasted for a couple of seconds more. She then separated her lips from yours, a string of saliva connecting each other lips. "that..." she only said. Then she kissed you again, this time it was just a peck in your lips. After that she was just looking at you to see your reaction.

"You... Kissed me..." you said surprised. "i did. I wanted to do that for so long..." she responded getting closer to her face. "i have loved you for so long now, some months after meeting you... And i never could show my true feelings... But now... I can." she said warmly. She then gave you another small kiss in your cheek.

"You loved me? I... I don't know what to say..." you honestly said. But after finishing that sentence, she put her index finger in your lips, giving you another warm smile. "You don't have to say anything... Just let me enjoy the moment..." she said almost in a pleading way. She put her head into your neck, grinding herself in it.

"i... I loved you to... I have always loved you..." you said to her, hugging her. "i know. You don't have to say it. I know you love me too" she said happy, moving her tail side by side.

"So... Now are you getting some clothes?" you said jokingly. She heartily laugh. "No... There's still something i want to do..." she said seductively. She the started to kiss your neck and licking it while grinding her lower body against yours.

You knew what she meant, so you just let it happen. She started to go lower, still kissing you. Then with her hands she started to take your boxer off. You helped her remove it and while doing so you were caressing her soft and warm fur. She was like a living blanket.

After that she raised her body still on top of you. She got into her knees, and you could see her entire and amazing body, you just notice how big she was, she was bigger than you. Then with her hand, she pulled your head into her abdomen, grinding your entire face against her body.

"i always wanted to ask you this... How is my fur?" She asked lustful.
"it is soft... And comfortable." You responded obediently. "And how do i smell?" she asked again in the same tone. "Sweet... And like a cat." she laughed heartily. "I've always enjoyed those type of comments" she said warmly. She then pushed your head lower, right into her pussy, putting your mouth right in it, and pushing you against the bed. "Lick it... Please?" she said commanding at first, but later she sounded more innocent.

You the started to lick her pussy. Exploring every side with your tongue, Laila was starting to pant from the pleasure, and then she started to caress your head. You started to feel her cervix getting tighter, with the pleasure she was feeling she then with your head in her hand, she pushed you against her pussy. Her musk smelled sweet just like her, and it was intoxicating you completely.

She then suddenly raised her rear, and turned her body around. "*panting* take a deep breath..." she said in between puffs of air. And suddenly dropped her ass in your face. And her pussy once again in your mouth. You continued on eating Laila's pussy out. She started to moan a bit, but then she lower the rest of her body, right into your erect penis.

She without hesitation, put your member in her mouth, licking and exploring with her rough tongue your member. You on the other hand, the air was starting to lack, but needless you continued on pleasing her pussy, the arouma of her pussy was so sweet, that you'd wish to be in it forever.

She continued on her assault in your member taking every with of your flavor inside, the pressure inside of your member was starting to rise. The lack of oxigen was starting yo get you but you continued on, but it had finally ended when Laila once again turned her body around. You took advantage of this and started to collect your air again. She saw you panting. And she only smiled and laughed a bit.

"don't worry. Now the real fun begins" she said with excitement and lust in her voice. She turned her head toward where you penis was, and moves her rear right above it. She the slowly began to lower her pussy into your member. And when you member was completely inside, she stayed a few moments still, panting.

She the began on moving her hips up and down. Moaning and panting from the pleasure. You put you hands in her waist, caressing her body slowly.
She lowered the rest of her body into yours, and kissed you while riding you.

The pressure inside of the both of you was getting closer to a climax. Both of you holding each other like if there was no tomorrow, pleasing each other with your bodies.

You then stopped her kissing and said in between puffs of air. "Laila... Im getting closer..." Laila smiled with small hearts in her yellow eyes. "i want you all inside *panting* i want it all" she said
She the proceeded to take your head right into her breast with her arms, holding you tightly. She then began on speeding up, while you did the same and with your arms, hugs her body tightly ready for the climax. She began to pant even quicker and started to drool of the pleasure. And with a final push, the both of you came, holding each other as tightly as you both could.

Then the both of you loose the grip of each other, and proceeded to recover your breath and energy. The both of you locking your eyes with one another and proceeded to take each other's head and kiss passionately. Lasting for a minute before separating yourself, to completely recover your breath. After a while of the break, Laila took your body and pulled you against hers, your head resting in her breast.

"Thank you Anon... For giving me this moment." She said resting her head on top of your, putting her hand into your abdomen and caressing your abdomen. "Consider it a Christmas gift" you said with a laugh. She followed you and laughed. But then her smiled dropped and hugged you tighter.

"Anon... Is any of this real...?" She asked with a sad voice. "What do you mean?" you responded confused. "I mean... My body changes out of nowhere, i get to spend a passionate night with the one i love the most.... It just seems like a dream..." She responded, worry on her tone. "I think this is pretty real. I can feel your soft fur and warm body clear like the sun." you responded her heartily and with confidence. "i am scared... I don't want to fall asleep and waking up to find that everything was a dream..." She sad with fear and sadness im her voice, holding you even tighter. You turned yourself to look at her, putting a hand on the side of her snout, looking at her right into her beautiful, and worried eyes.

" I do think this is real. This has been one of the most wonderful moments i had in my life. You changing has been the perfect Christmas presents i could ever get. And i would be really disappointedans upset if this would turn out to be a wet dream." you said, laughing a bit in the end. She again laughed and smiled, looking you right into your eyes. She then kissed you in the head."Thank you" she said warmly. You then kissed her in the neck and said: "No problem... Now sleep, i promise this is not a dream. " You said confident. Then the both of you closed your eyes, hugging each other in the bed. And let sleepiness consume the both of you...

8:00 am

Laila started to opened her eyes, a bit of light from the balcony entered her eyes, annoying her and provoking her to wake up, she the slowly moved and sat on the bed. She the remembered last night and look immediately at her body...

Only to be just like last night. She didn't change back. She got extremely happy and twirl her head towards you. "Anon! Anon!" She said shaking you to wake up. After some shakes, she manage to wake you up. And you sat down and looked at her. "yes?" you said with a grin in your face. "It was not a dream!!" she yelled in excitement, and hugged you tightly. You returned the hug. And when the both of you separated, you said: "I told you it was real. Just like this" after finishing the sentence, you proceeded to kiss her on the lips, she immediately melted into it. And after a few second. Both of you separated once again.

"Now... Its time to take a bath." you said getting off your bed. "What?! A bath?! But i am not dirty!!" she yelled. "After last night, i think we both need a bath. So don't make me force you to take one" you responded her, in a commanding tone.
She then got off the bed and followed you into the bad. "Ok..." She said defeated. "good big kitty" you responded her and scratching her back. The both of you getting into the shower to clean yourself.

And the both of you got your Christmas wishes granted....

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