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It's just a tree of a different fruit... In a place that's a world away.
A Tree that bears twelve fruits a year,
one for each each month; from one tree..
I wonder what kind of fruits they might be?

Well I think a seedless watermelon,
crack it open and there's a fountain inside,
sea salt with a twist of of lime,
that would taste divine.

So it grows on a tree instead of a vine.

Mango with a tiny seed
but crossed with a taste so nice,
like the scent of a fig... would suffice.

Juicy Bananas, Kiwi with a pineapple twist,
and that tuttie~fruitie taste like the scent of
the miniature Japanese pine...
Oh that would be sublime.

Blueberry & Raspberry mixed
or Apricot & peach alamode
that would bloom my taste buds.

A Cotton Candy plum, that would be yum.

A caramel tasting apple, a little tart;
that would burst the taste buds from my heart.

I would like to try a chocolate nut,
or any nut, I don't care or a vanilla pear,
with a side of wit~ make mine smooth and hold the grit.

What a wonderful tree this would be and the leaves heal the nations.
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