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Not classic writing, but my classic wife more than makes up for it.
         I've been thinking about my wife all evening and thought I'd share my thoughts. There's no special occasion. It's not our anniversary or a birthday. I just think about her pretty much all the time. Oh, I know that Valentine's Day is just around the metaphorical corner, but that's not really important to me. I have enough love for my wife that one day in 365 doesn't begin to hold it.

         Technically of course, it's St. Valentine's Day. That's appropriate because I oft think my wife is a saint, or should at least be seriously considered for canonization. She not only married me on 9/9/99, but also re-married me on 9/27/2017, having divorced a few years earlier at my behest. Emotionally, I guess we've never been apart at any time these past 22+ years, but well, sometimes issues cloud our hearts and affect our judgement. Bren isn't the masochistic type, and I can barely afford a pot and a window, so I pretty much assume she married me (twice!) because she loves me. Ditto. That's the reason I married her (twice!)

         My wife is short and, honestly, a good way off from skinny. That's fine though. I married her because I love her; because we share something very special. I didn't marry her to have her pose for fashion mag covers. I consider myself blessed to see beauty everywhere, but I see a very special beauty in my wife. It's physical, yes; but it goes way beyond that, too. I love my wife not just for the content of her bra, but for the content of the heart which beats behind it. I love her not just for the shape and feel of her body, but also for the form of her soul and the way it touches my own.

         We have our issues and our squabbles, but we always get past them. Sometimes, the only alternative would be to leave and maybe get divorced. That's not a viable option for us. We know. We've tried it and you see where we are. That has nowt to do with a legal document, or religious convictions, or the good of our children and grandchildren. It's simply because we love each other and we're devoted to each other's happiness. We aren't patient enough to avoid conlicts between us, but we are patient enough to get past the conflicts and allow them to make us better and stronger. The only alternative would be to let conflict destroy us as a couple and as two individuals. Now, who would be the better off for that?

         How certain are we that our love will continue? Having celebrated 22 years in September 2021, we bought two silver candles (a "2" and a "5") several months ago. We're not waiting until the last minute. We've already started celebrating our silver anniversity because in our heart, we've aleady arrived there.
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