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Paco is a little chihuahua that loves tacos and needs a home.
This is a story about a little dog name Paco that finds his forever home.It’s also about the adventure along the way. Paco is a little dog that currently lives in the Los Angles city pound. Paco longs for a forever home, he is a small brown and black chihuahua.Paco loves a tacos a lot by the way the shelters bath-aid figured this out on her first bath day with Paco.

See the little dog hated baths and it was an all out fight when he figured out that it was bath day.There was a new bath-aid that hadn’t worked with the little fellow before. The aid took the little dog out of the cage and started heading for the doggie bathroom ,when the dog saw the blue door and realized what was about to happen ,he freaked. He started wiggling around and even nipped at the aid’s right pinky. She was stunned and dropped the dog and it ran around her and head towards the lobby. The only thing that stopped Paco is Jason the shelter manager came in with Taco Bell.

When the little dog smelled the food and heard the paper wrapper crinkling he stopped in his tracks turned and quickly headed for Jason. The aid point quickly to the blue door .Jason understanding what she was getting at headed to the bath area . Sure enough the little dog came right to him.He followed Jason into the bath area and over to the small doggie shower.” You want this taco little fellow you going to have to earn it and get your bath.”
With that as if he understood perfectly he jumped in the shower and the bath-aid gave him his bath. So whenever to this day they want him to do something he doesn’t want to they bribe him with a taco.

Anyway this is about this dog finding his forever home. Although tacos are an important part of him finding his forever home. Now there’s something you need to know about Jason he had a soft spot for kids and even more so the kids at the local hospital. He would let small bus loads of the kids come in and spend time with some of the non -aggressive dogs about once a month. That is also why it was so important to bath the dogs because the kids would come at the end of the last bath day of the month. These very visits are how our little dog friend found his forever home.

There was a little girl name Bontina that would come visit the shelter from time to time she was real small and very shy and quiet. She had long black hair down up her bottom and the biggest brown eyes you ever saw on a child and a light brown completion . She however would never get close to any of the animals and she sit alone the whole time away from everyone. She had to wear a mask and thin gloves when out because she was very variable to germs this made her even more shy.One day however when she was visitingJohn took Paco out just to see what would happen.He moved around the room sniffing all the new guess. When he came to the girl he paused for a moment. She was small and cute like him and to boot she smelled of tacos.Paco was in love however he noticed the little girl looked scared .So he itched his way up to her slow and lay his head gently on her left leg and with big brown eyes looked up at her.This leg happened to be the leg that was partially twisted at birth. She had ,had lots of surgeries on it. She didn’t cry out or jerk away so this was a start.

With every visit they grow closer and she started reading with him in the corner of the shelter. Then she started bringing him tacos.It was clear that they loved each other. So one day after their visit together John talked to the little girls dad about adopting the little dog. When the little girl came to visit the next time before the end of the visit John presented her with the adoption papers.Bontina was overjoyed and said “ come on Paco my taco let’s go home.”So they packed up Paco’s little nap sack with all his stuff toys tied it to his favorite fetching stick and put it in his mouth and out the door he went.

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