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Hermione transforms into a dragoness and likes it.
Ron and Hermione are visiting their old friends at Hogwarts to celebrate a decade of victory over Voldimort and his Death Eaters. Suddenly Hagrid appears in a very agitated state as he uses his considerable bulk to force the two of them away from the ballroom and into the room where they hid from the Death Eaters. Dobby is there waiting for them. "Dobby is sorry. The room will provide." is all he would say banging his head on the wall before leaving with Hagrid. The room looked like a humongous cavern with a lake in the center. Hermione begins to quiver and walk to the lake. "The dreams...", she mutters. Once in the lake she begins to change. Red scales grow over her skin and a lizard like tail sprouts from her rear lifting her robe. Huge leathery wings grow from her back ripping her robes apart. Her limbs and torso thicken and become more muscular. Claws, horns, and spikes sprout from various spots on her new Hungarion Horntail body. She grins with a changed personality as she grows to a height of 20 feet.
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