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by Dave
Rated: E · Poetry · Business · #2267728
A local smelly problem
It started out as a quarry, then it became a pit
Then they filled it full of rubbish,just to get rid of it
So when it got real smelly, to avoid the blame
As a good solution, the owner changed its name
So Walleys quarry limited became the villain of the day
Allowing red industries to quietly sneak away
And the people got together and started to protest
Stop the stink! They cried, it’s getting on my chest
It’s gonna kill somebody, it really is that bad
It’s stinking up our houses and driving us quite mad.
The people got together and marched outside the pit
So the quarry called the police to come take care of it
The environment agency called to see what they could do
And said that it’s stinks so bad so we’ll get back to you
We will monitor this and that, and have an exchange of view
With Walleys quarry limited to discuss what we have to do
We will listen very carefully to all you have to say
And stay concerned until the people, er, the problem goes away.

Its Christmas now and they say the odours nearly gone
So when you think you smell it, obviously you are wrong
Maybe it’s old mince pies, or turkey that’s gone off
To much wine or winter colds that’s given you that cough
And the lingering whiff of rotten eggs you can easily explain
The remnants of egg volauvents coming from the drain

So happy new year Wallys quarry, only time will tell
If in 2022 you relieve us of the smell!


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