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daily flash fiction entry 145 words.
"Don't think I am going to let you just skate on by on this!" I stomped my foot and threw a pillow at him.

He cocked his head to the side and put one hand on his hip. "You really think you are a big enough star to make demands of that kind?"

"The show has my name on it! Which is why I am not going to let you connect my name with that disgusting place!" I spat at him.

"The reality of it is that everyone has to eat. Slaughterhouses are a factor of life!"

"Damn vampiric plague! There was a time when we ate animals and plants. Now we are forced to eat people." I licked my fangs and sat heavily. "Still, I won't do a piece on it! People don't need to be reminded of what we do to the uninfected!"

145 words

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