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by Eobard
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Erotica · #2267999
Woman not guilty. Murdock senses foul play. Seeks She-Hulk's help. Queen offers two jobs
I have requested and received permission from Closet Fetishist to reference his “Jury Duty” story  
         “We, the jury, find the defendant, not guilty.”
         Madam foreperson for the 12 jurors says, informing the court about their decision. The middle-aged female defendant breaks down into cheerful tears and hugs her defense attorney, Jennifer Lawrence a.k.a. She-Hulk, in her green form, dressed in a black suit skirt. The slim strong woman contributes a gentle hug to the embrace.
         “Members of the jury, are these your unanimous verdicts? Do any of you disagree with the verdicts as read?”
The female judge inquires rudimentarily. Eleven of the jurors are women, while only one is a man. The male juror shakes his head hastily, the female jurors all shake their heads slowly moments after his vehement no. The judge soon goes into a brief speech, praising the juries’ attentiveness to the case before dismissing them. As the judge speaks to the jury, the co-attorney of the prosecutor for the case, Foggy Nelson, their female assistant, Karen Page, as well as the family of the defendant’s deceased husband were aghast by the juries’ decision, sharing shocked expressions, the family’s, of course, being a mixture of sadness and anger. Matt Murdock, however, the prosecutor for this trial, senses quite a few things off about the jury. Though he lacks sight, the blind man has his other senses heightened. While the female jurors are calm and collective, the only male juror does seem afraid of something, though, he does a decent job of hiding it. Matt smells a scent most foul emanating from the male juror, that akin to rotten eggs. Baffled to sense that the same exact smell was emanating from the rears of all the female jurors.

         A while later, outside on the courthouse steps, Matt, Foggy, and Karen have stopped to discuss the case they had surprisingly lost.
         “I can’t believe that we lost this case. She should have been found guilty. How could the jury have let that woman walk?
Foggy says, a bit peeved by the juries’ verdict.
         “I disagree. She did not mean to go so far with the sexual act. They did have a safe word. Though, her sitting upon his face might have muffled anything that he could have said.”
Karen says while letting out a little chuckle.
         “Using the excuse of a sex act gone too far is bogus. Tina Ingram knew that her husband needed oxygen. Depriving her spouse of a basic need for as long as she did is undoubtedly an intentional act.”
Foggy says, voicing his opinion on the matter.
         “Something fishy was going on with that case. The male juror smelled horrendous, all those female jurors… a similar smell emanated from their… rears.”
Matt interjects, though, his interjection raises a chuckle from Karen but confuses Foggy.
         “You two, work on our next case. I’ve got to inform Mrs. Walters about this possible foul play.”
Without waiting nor listening for a response from his compatriots, Matt begins his trek towards his apartment, acting like he required his walking stick for assistance.
         Later, inside of Jennifer Walter’s office, the titular green heroine is pouring some brandy into a shot glass at her desk, celebrating a successful case, still finding the overall subject of it quite odd. As she downs the glass, the answering machine on her desk begins to ring. She picks up the cordless phone on the machine and brings it to her ear.
         “Hello, this is Jennifer Walters, criminal defense attorney at law. You are on a secure line, anything disclosed between the two of us shall remain confidential. To what criminal charge or charges shall I be defending you against?”
Jennifer inquires, presuming that the caller was seeking her council.
         “Jennifer Walters, the Incredible She-Hulk, your prowess, fighting crime and in the courtroom, is quite astounding. I most certainly enjoyed how you defended your latest client, a Mrs. Ingram, in that tedious trial. Others have defended her in that exact same trial in different universes, but none have defended her like you did. I assume that a heroine of your status has gone to different universes or has at least gone to some of them.
A feminine voice speaks on the other end of the call.
         “I’m sorry, I did not catch your name. Why are you calling me?”
The emerald-skinned woman asks into the phone, a little bothered by this strange call.
         “Till you’ve gained my trust, you may address me as my title, Queen. I’m offering you two positions within my matriarchal empire. That of the supreme judge and executioner. These positions aren’t offered without merit. Sound judgment, renowned in the court of law, and possessing immense strength. These are few of the vast reasons I call upon you for these roles in my empire. You intimidate men and they fear your recent case wins. Dreading what such court decisions could entail for the future. Law and order is good. Why not enforce them for a matriarchy that will prove them right?”
         “Well, your highness, as tempting as your offer is, I am going to have to…”
         As Jennifer is about to inform the Queen of her decision over the phone, Matt Murdock opens her office door, enters the room, and walks up to the green powerhouse.
         “Jennifer, we have to talk.”
Daredevil says sternly.
         “Hey Matt, can this wait, I am on the phone.”
She-Hulk says dismissively.
         “No, it can’t. I think something shady has been going on in criminal court cases. The male juror smelled like a sewer and the female jurors’… asses... reeked of the same odor.”
         “Wait, did you… seriously go up to these women jurors and smell their rears?!”
She asks him, chuckling, baffled by his sentence.
         “No, no, no. My heightened sense of smell allowed me to catch a whiff of their repulsive smells. I am trying to say that there has been a breach in the justice system, that your client might’ve been found guilty… That you should not have won that court case.”
She-Hulk clenches her free hand into a fist and slams it down onto her desk.
         “You dare claim that my client is guilty, that I would have lost this case!?”
Jennifer asks, fuming at the audacity of Murdock to dare bring such a notion to her attention. She takes some threatening steps to the unarmored vigilante, Daredevil. He takes tentative steps back while holding his hands out disarmingly, fearful of an angry She-Hulk, and rightfully so.
         “Ever since that video of a teen heroine gassing a teen boy inside of a forcefield went viral, a significant number of females have made the news for farting on males. A majority of our court cases, and cases around the world, have been about a female smothering a male, going as far as to fart on them to death. All pointing to this viral video as a reason. It is like this stupid viral video has compelled them to act upon something.”
Jennifer exclaims angrily while gripping the top of his tie and hoisting the vigilante lawyer up into the air, pulling him towards her face. Forcing him to look into her enraged eyes.
         “You barge into my office and insult my work! I won’t stand here and listen to your bullshit conspiracy theories!”
         She-Hulk slams Matt through her desk with authority, nearly splitting the mahogany table in two. The impact breaks and bruises his back, leaving him in agony.
         “Oh, Matt… I… I am so sorry. You just got on my nerves and I…”
Jennifer says regretfully while looking at what she has done, her anger slowly subsiding. Halting her apology mid-sentence, feeling the phone in her hand, recalling that a woman is on the other line. She brings the wireless phone back to her ear.
         “I will have to call you back.”
         “Wait, what happened?”
         “Matt Murdock came busting in through my door, making wild accusations about how that viral video has affected women. How the female jury members in the Ingram case gassed the only male juror. He insulted my work and I just slammed him through my desk. He is luckily still alive but…”
Jennifer says this all sporadically before being interrupted by the woman on the phone.
         “Is he in a defenseless position right now?”
         “Y…yes, but I do not see how…”
         “I assume that Mrs. Ingram, as well as your most recent slew of female clients, have revealed to you the excitement of letting loose in a pore soles face. To gas up, one that has upset you is even more gratifying. Sit upon this pitiful male’s face and let ’er rip! Do this, then decide if my empire is right for you. After you are done, I shall tell you the coordinates to my empire. Murdock’s fate is in your hands.”
The queen says with glee
         She-Hulk lowers the phone from her ear, looking down at an injured Daredevil, deep in thought, mulling things over in her head. She finishes her pondering, grabbing a hold of his short wavy dark brown hair and pulling the battered man completely onto the ground. She presses the speaker button on the device, and places it on the floor, a few feet from Matt’s head. After that, she takes a step over his prone form and plops her plump green rear upon his face. She-Hulk wiggles her rump around atop his face to settle in and get a feel for sitting upon a man’s face. She permits herself a small smile, finding it to be quite empowering. Promptly afterwards she grunts.
Releasing a gamma-infused fart directly into Daredevil’s nostrils. Upon the horrific odor’s breach into his nose, Daredevil tries feebly to lift the behemoth of a woman. Though she does not weigh as much as her male counterpart, She-Hulk is remarkably heavy. She laughs upon feeling Matt’s pitiful hands on her rear. She presses her ass more firmly down on his face, pushing his nose deeper in between her monstrous cheeks, while clenching her fists tightly and grunting with all her might.
Releasing a tremendous gamma-powered gastric blast upon Matt’s wretched face. She-Hulk sighs in utter bliss after releasing such a monster. Rising soon after to witness that Daredevil was rendered unconscious. The eruption of such an overwhelmingly horrendous gas has done him in. She hears clapping and feminine laughter coming from the phone’s receiver on the floor.
         She-Hulk picks up the wireless phone from the floor, fanning the air in front of her face after getting a whiff of the residue of her bile gas. She presses the speaker button on her phone before bringing it to her ear.
         “Bravo, I knew that the titaness had it in her. Now, I shall send for a cleaner to dispose of Matt…”
         “He is not dead.”
         “Oh? But after such a display of power, I thought that he…”
         “I am not ready to cross that line yet. Besides, I find it most fitting to be on top of my competition both figuratively and literally.”
         “That is most acceptable. I shall have a cell designated for him and your official chair fashioned with a hole cut at the bottom. This is how my empire sees the future to be. Men subservient to womankind, whether they like it or not. However, there are those that are too disobedient for even my matriarchy to handle. With your role as supreme judge, as well as executioner, you will need to execute a male sooner or later. See you soon.”
         The queen tells her the coordinates before hanging up, She-Hulk crushes the phone in her hand and lets the parts fall to the ground. She picks up Daredevil and carries him fireman style out of her office with a smile upon her face. Defending people was a noble cause for her. However, this newfound power with just her rear has sparked a thrill inside of her. She-Hulk enjoyed to smash, now She-Hulk loves to blast gas Letting loose for womankind is good. Decimating a male with it is even better.

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