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Walking in Daisy's Garden

I don't know why I decided to walk in Daisy's Garden on the night of the Full Worm Moon. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision, that--I suspect-- was brought on by a combination of boredom and insomnia. I mean, let's face it, Dusty Dreams is least exciting town in the universe. It has no Wi-fi and the only modern convenience is indoor toilets. And they wouldn't have indoor toilets if they could find an outhouse at midnight in a blizzard.

The decision to take a walk in the garden under the full moon, wasn't my worst decision, but it was right down there with the spaghetti pizza for breakfast notion. However, that is another story for a different day.

I entered the garden at midnight, when the moon was shining directly on the moon flowers. They were beginning to open, and releasing their exquisite scent into the air. I paused by a large blossom and inhaled deeply. That's when, caught a movement out of the corner of my eye. I turned toward it There crawling along the ground, was--what I thought was--an earthworm the length of a garden hose.

It stop, stared at me, and raised it head. At least, I think it was its head; with earthworms you can't really tell the front end from the back end. It said, in a southern drawl, "Are you looking for night crawler?"

"No. Why would I be looking for night crawlers?"

"So you can catch fish. The pond in the center of this garden is full of big mouth trout."

"Isn't that largemouth bass?"

"No! They're trout. And they have big mouths. They can't keep a secret. You tell them anything and pretty soon it's all over the garden. When that happens, the daisies repeat it. Since daisies tell no lies, everyone believes whatever they say." He sound as if he took a deep breath, which was odd, because I don't think earthworms have noses. "If you didn't come here to go fishing, why did you come?"

"Uh ... well, uh ... to see the daisies."

"They're at the other entrance. Just follow the cobble stone path. It will take you to them. You can hear their noisy laughter before you get there." With that the earthworm crawled under a moon flower.
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