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by Sumojo
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Limerick for children
25 lines

There was a koala called Mary,🐨
Her fur was all grey and quite hairy.
She ate nothing but leaves
From eucalypt trees,🌿
Avoiding anything dairy.

Allergic to dairy was Mary,🥛
She’d get hives that looked kind of scary.
She’d get covered in spots
Sometimes stripes and then dots
And her eyesight would go fuzzy and blurry.

Then she would have to wear glasses,👓
Have a daily dose of molasses.
She disliked the taste
Would screw up her face
Leave her tree and go roll in the grasses.

As soon as Mary was better
She sent her mother a letter.
It said, Dear Mum,
I’ve been feeling quite glum
So thank you for knitting the sweater.👘

It’s covered my stripes and my spots,
My blotches, my scars and my dots.
I’m looking so fine
In this sweater of mine.
Now, please can you knit me some socks?🧦

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