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A friend asked me to write this story based on a Primus song.
My Name Is Mud

By Shadowgate
Pete Henderson went over to visit his friend Bill Cypress. They were both 12 years old and in the sixth grade. Bill had no friends other than Pete.

When Pete arrived Bill said "hey Pete how are you?"

Pete said "I've been better."

Bill said "well at least your name isn't Mud like mine is."

Pete said "um Bill your name is Bill not Mud. See this is why it's gotten to the point that I'm your only friend. You act like a fucking dumbass."

Bill said "I think the only reason I have no friends is because that nasty slut girl Wanda always says horrible things about me."

Pete said "I hate that bitch too but she's hardly the reason."

Bill replied "I don't think most of the kids at school like her. She's just an attention hog and guys talk to her because she's a fucking slut."

Pete said "now that's the most intelligent thing you've said today."

Pete exhaled and Bill was at a loss for words.

Bill said "things have been rough since the car accident."

Pete replied "I know and that accident was two years ago. What have the doctors said? What kind of recovery were you supposed to make? I see you didn't make a full recovery."

Bill just looked down at his shoes.

Pete yelled "BILL!"

Bill said "I will show you what it was like."

Bill picks up a baseball bat and hits Pete over the head.

He then buried him behind the fence of his backyard.

Bill had killed his one and only friend and felt it was natural. He didn't give a fuck. He ate dinner with his parents and they all sat down to watch television. When Pete's parents came over to say Pete was headed over here and wanted to know if he was still there and Bill said "I didn't see him today."


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