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Poem about a relationship in limbo
Aching heartbeats
Deep inside, my soul is tired,
has to hide.
Please come free me,
From this pain.
No longer can I feel the rain.

Pining for the sunny glow
That once felt like a constant show
Now a trickle, drying out
Clouded in the darkest doubt.

Aching heartbeats
Deep inside
No longer do I want to hide.
Looking for the ray of sun
Where my pieces, again form one.

Aching heartbeats.
holding on.
Aching heartbeats
can't go on.

Heartbeats should be soft and warm.
Brimming over
Never torn.
Heartbeats tapping at my soul
Wanting to again feel whole.

Gather my pieces one by one.
Lay them in the ray of sun,
Piece by piece
can I grow?
Become one?
Free my soul?

Come, release me from this pain.
I need to feel the rain again.
Soft like dew drops on my face.
A doorway from this darkened place.

You hold the key to this door.
To let the light shine in once more,
Freeing all my fear and doubt?
Or open wide to let me out?

Powerless I sit in darkness
Waiting for the smallest spark.
To take this ache


Free my heart.

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