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by fyn
Rated: E · Poetry · Writing · #2269370
For Writer's Cramp

Keep Reading!

One of the things we learn as we age--
when we get to the bottom, we must turn the page.

As writerly souls, we don't run out of ink--
we continue on, we continue to think.

Chapter after chapter, time after time--
our epics continue, oft turn on a dime.

What then is life but a series of stories--
disasters, heartbeats, assorted glories.

My grandmother who was a most notable sage--
always said to remember we must turn the page.

For life goes ever onward, much like a book--
when it needs revision, take another look.

When a happily ever after seems dark--
the sun will still rise a shadow to mark.

Tomorrows are measured in a humanly wage--
so it's well to remember to just turn the page.

Although a lifetime will come to an end--
it's still a pageturner, we go on, my friend.

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