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A story based on a picture from Deviantart.
Five-year-olds Billy and Mandy were camping outside of Mandy's backyard at night. They were laying on the grass next to the tent and campfire with Mandy resting her arms behind her head and Billy's hands on his stomach.

"This is a nice night," said Mandy with a, believe it or not, smile on her face.

"Yeah, this is a stupid-ness night!" said Billy stupidly, which got a chuckle out of Mandy.

"Heh heh, yes it is." she replied to her best friend. she then let out a yawn, signaling that it's time for her to hit the say.

"Well, I'm beat." Mandy says as she's getting up. "I'm going in the tent and get my PJs on so I can go to Dreamland."

"Oooh, Dreamland!" Billy exclaimed. "Can I go with you?!"

Mandy chuckled again at her best friend's stupidity and said, "Sure, Billy. You can go to Dreamland with me."

"Yay!" he said as he got up and walked with Mandy to their tent, but stopped as he looked at the big, full moon. The moon had a face, minus the nose, and looked at Billy with a smile and winked at him. Billy kept looking at it and got an idea. He turned around, pulled down his pants and underwear and showed his own full moon, much to the surprise of the bigger moon.

"Mandy, look!" Billy said, causing Mandy to turn around and look at Billy. "I'm mooning the moon!" He then did his trademark idiotic giggle.

Mandy looked at the moon to see it looking at Billy's posterior with a shocked look on its face. She stifled a giggle and then looked back at Billy. Then, she thought of something.

"Hey, Billy." she said. "You know what's better than two full moons?"

"Derrrrr....I dunno. What?" Billy asked.

Mandy walked over to Billy, turned around facing her house, hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties from under her dress, and pulled them down the same time she bent forward, presenting her own full moon.

"Three full moons!" Mandy exclaimed with a laugh.

The moon's eyes grew wider at the sight of two butts facing him. Billy and Mandy were laughing while shaking their butts at it. They bumped each other a few times and kept shaking while the moon can do nothing but just look on in shock.

"Imagine if someone looked over at us presenting our butts to the sky." said Mandy with a giggle. "They would get to see three big, bootyful moons."

"Yeah!" said Billy. "It would be so funny!"

They kept wiggling their behinds at the large circle in the sky and slapping them several times to be even more playful. After a couple of minutes, the two kids pulled their undergarments up, much to the relief of the moon.

"That was pretty fun." said Mandy while fixing her dress.

"Yeah, it was good to let our booties get some air." Billy said, causing both of them to chuckle.

"Okay, I think it's time we go in our tent and get some sleep." said Mandy.

"Aww, I thought we were gonna go to Dreamland." Billy wined.

Mandy, who chuckled, rolled her eyes, and shook head, said, "Come on, I'll show you how we get to Dreamland."

Mandy got a bucket that was filled with water and dumped it on the campfire, then she walked behind Billy as they made their way to the tent. Mandy smiled at the fun she had with Billy, and certainly wouldn't mind doing something like that with him again.

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