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"The ability to think and behave in a normal and rational manner; sound mental health."

"Reasonable and rational behavior."

-Oxford Languages

"Take a calculator. You have an equation in front of you and you decide to only input the parts of the equation that you prefer. Then you believe you have the right answer. That's not Sane.

Now take your brain. You have the entire equation of reality in front of you, including all of what's possible from your vantage point. You input, only, the parts of the equation that you prefer. Then you believe you have the right answer. That's not Sane."


When you're born, you're handed the totality of all of Reality. Inherently, you're to analyze this totality to get through this Reality to evoke a positive result for yourself and this totality. That's just a simple fact of Existence. And it's an incredibly tall order. In relation to this, what would it mean to think and behave in a normal, rational manner? What is reasonable and rational when you are presented with the entirety of Existence, and are set to lead yourself through it? How do you define Sanity in relation to this whole Reality?

Sanity is accepting all of what's possible and acting/reacting within the limitations of what you can actually prove and know. Ignoring possibilities is irrational. They're possible. If you're not considerate of all possibilities, you leave to chance your ability for sound judgement, in relation to the totality of Reality. If you're acting outside of what you can prove and know, you're guessing, which is irrational. Speaking, again, to a lack of capacity for sound judgement. Accepting all of what's possible and acting, only, on what you can actually prove and know, is demonstrative of sound, reasonable, rational judgement, and sound mental health.

Literally, all possibilities must be accepted, in order to be, legitimately, Sane. All possibilities regarding politics. All possibilities regarding religion. All possibilities regarding your experience in life. All possibilities regarding your existence. Every possibility must be accepted before you can even begin to approach the concept of Sanity. Ignoring possibilities achieves an incomplete, incompetent perception, and displaces you from Sanity.

Critical Examples

This first example is an absolute classic, and I think that I can actually explain it to a certain point of incontrovertibly.

Is there a literal God?

If you're being sane, you have to acknowledge that a literal God is possible. If it's possible there is a literal God, it's possible that this literal God is, literally, absolutely Perfect. If it's possible that this literal God is Perfect, it's possible that the World itself, even in it's current state, is, literally, Perfect. If it's possible the World itself is literally Perfect, now is, possibly, the Perfect opportunity to discover how. If now is possibly the Perfect opportunity to discover how the world is perfect, and for us all, it's possible that the World itself is about to witness an incredible transformation of all life as we know it. If it's possible the World itself is about to witness an incredible transformation of all life as we know it, it's possible that this, as a part of some, "Great Plan", could be the reason why. If all of that is truly possible, then it's possible that you should not doubt God, as God made all of these possibilities real.

If you're being sane.

If you're being sane, and not ignoring real possibilities, the Truth is, this is, exactly, possible. There's plenty of questions as to how, but if all of that is possible, it's also possible that there are answers to all of them, just waiting to be discovered, if you're being sane. That's the thing of it, though. If you're being sane.

I offer my answer to this next question below. It's an unusual question. I found it a long time ago, and the experience of finding the answer for myself was one that I wouldn't trade for, nearly, anything. Before you offer total disregard for the subject, I will have to ask, "How do you know that it's not possible?".

"How do you know that you are not God?"

Actually think about it. Produce an answer.

Many people have stated that they wish they were God. How do they actually know that they aren't? How do you actually know that you haven't induced your entire lifetime onto yourself? How do you know that you haven't determined the entire state of the world through actions and inactions throughout your lifetime? How do you know that you, as a literal God, didn't send yourself through this world and this lifetime to produce a specific result? A literal God would be all powerful, making, literally, everything entirely possible.

How do you know?

The real conundrum in the question is that, if you were a literal God, you would have infinite access to producing restrictions for yourself. Including the power to inhibit your power indefinitely, making it increasingly realistic as you continue to try and answer the question. You could be God. I could just be part of your plan for the world, which you may well have hidden from yourself for any number of reasons, including self autonomy. You could have, "done this to yourself", so that you might be able to claim the ability to completely relate, through real experience, to all those that you, ultimately, wish to save. You might have even arranged it to be possible for yourself to believe that you don't want to save everyone, so that you might better integrate with the other souls on Earth. If you're an all powerful, literal God, anything is possible, in relation to what you're doing here, and why you've experienced everything you've experienced.

You can't actually claim to be Sane until you have an answer to this question. You'd be ignoring the possibility of something that could be absurdly important. You could be God. It might be true. Until you're absolutely certain, you can't determine your own true perspective. Without that perspective, you can't know if, essentially, any of the decisions that you make are helping or hurting you in your persuits of whatever your real objective is. Not doing so displaces you from Sanity, as you don't even know how to determine whether you're even acting to satisfy your self interests. You must answer the question, as an immediate priority, if you are going to claim to be Sane.

How I answer this question for myself.

In answering this question, I discovered that my entire life was actually of huge benefit to everything that I would actually have chosen to learn about, for the sake of, literally, the entirety of Existence. Everything that I've been through has taught me everything that I know, and has made it possible for me to relate to, approximately, anybody. I was unable to rule out that I could be God by examining what has happened to me throughout my lifetime, as a result of everything that I've learned. You may, also, have had the reflex to assume that a difficult life means that you're not God. It doesn't. It could mean that you went through everything that you've been through in the interest of furthering your interests in the salvation of all of Humanity. Especially, if you're God, this is easily likely.

I then started to think about what it was that I would do if I was God. I, actually, would have put me through this lifetime as a form of reconnaissance to discover the roots of all the world's problems. To give myself the ability to credibly relate to the whole of Humanity. I'd have left myself here, virtually powerless, to get the real experience, first hand. The more I evaluated, the more I realized how helpful my life experience really was. I very well could have given this life to myself so that I could save everyone.

Through this, I discovered the deepening of a profound love and appreciation for God. God gave me exactly what I wanted; the experience and qualifications to stand a real chance at being able to reach everyone. I wouldn't want to be God. It would take my love of God away from me. If I were to have any inspiration to become anything other than as I am now, whether it be in this lifetime, or after, that aspiration would be to live up to the same standards as literal Angels. In fact, stating about me, even if I had been God, I would consciously choose to relinquish myself to the Angels, so that there might be, in fact, the God that it is whom I love. And that's my answer.

I'm not God, because even if I had been all powerful, even if I had created the whole of existence myself, and brought the entire world to the potential that it has today, I would relinquish myself to the Angels so that the God, whom it is that I love, would always be. That's entirely true of me. And it satisfies the need to, literally, prove that I am not, "God Incognito", to myself. Which is demonstrated through the consistency of my character so that all those who would actually choose to know me might know it as well.

Summation; It's actually a difficult question, because a literal God has infinite reach, and limitless possibilities. Once you've answered this question, though, the greater odds are, you'll understand things about yourself and how you see the world that you're likely to appreciate for the rest of your life. And your displacement from sanity will be greatly reduced. This, though, was just an example of typical ignorance to possibility. Let's try another. Something more local to every day concerns of, just about, everyone. And before you react, consider the entirety of the information. It's possible that I resolve any of your dismay before I'm finished explaining.

Let's just ask the question.

Is it sane, anymore, to live as though you aren't always being watched?

It's a non-disprovable possibility. Everyone knows that, between all the apps, phones, webcams, surveillance cameras, satellites, spies, the nosey, corporations, governments, law enforcement, and militaries. They can claim, endlessly, that they're not surveiling you, but you possess no capacity to disprove this. If you're being sane, you have to acknowledge the possibility that everything you've ever done and do is known, and that it could, very well, lead to total public exposure, incarceration, physical attacks, and even, possibly, in all actuality, your death..

It's not sane to live like this possibility doesn't exist. Privacy doesn't exist. It's a myth of of the mind. Long before these technologies existed, there was still the reality that people were willing to dig to find out the truth about any given person, resorting to any means necessary to get the information they were after. Since time immemorial, the myth of privacy has deceived people into compliance with compromising their odds of survival, socially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Now that this technology exists, it's flat out unintelligible to believe that privacy actually exists.

Because this is a non-disprovable possibility, being sane means to live as though it could be entirely true that you're under complete surveillance. Being sane means that you're considering the reality of being offensive enough to warrant an attack on your life, or your reputation. Being sane means being honest enough with yourself to realize that you could be in danger just because someone watching you doesn't like you. Because of this reality, the truth is, you, very much, do need to be as absolutely perfect as you can actually manage. You need to be willing to accept that you may, one day, be completely exposed, because that's exactly the truth. You can't pretend that you can hide and claim that you're being sane. You have to live as though you will, one day, see judgement passed on how you've lived, and that that judgement will come from your contemporaries

From here, you have two choices. Live sane, or pretend. I, personally, live in complete explanation of myself. I don't compromise my integrity in environments that, "might be", private. I take it to the extreme, and live in a way that I can identify with as not disappointing God, who knows all of what can be known. I take it to the point of being able to explain myself to the whole world, and live up to myself with any audience at any time. I live with total integrity, honestly, with no room for compromise. And I'd be willing to prove it to anyone that wanted me to, regardless of their motivation, because I, absolutely, can live up to it.

I invite the world to throw me under complete surveillance. I could live in complete peace this way. Some people say they have nothing to hide. I have plenty to show. I've been a careful student of the world itself since I can remember. I can explain myself to the extent of incontrovertibly. I could make any difference in this world that the world allows me to make. Completely, entirely, and exactly, completely transparent, and willing to travel anywhere the world lets me. I am absolutely fine with myself, as a human being, and I can explain why to anyone interested.

That's empowerment.

And, without holding on to the lie of privacy, you could have that as well. Who knows? Maybe I inspire the world's first politician who runs on the platform of total transparency. Broadcasting themselves to the world, 24/7, laying out there, completely exposed, with perfect integrity.

If only.

But back to the question, "Is it sane to live as though you aren't always being watched?". No. And it's a rip off. You can't possibly make the same claim and live up to it if you've been living in the fantasy of privacy. I'm not saying to hand out your credit card number, or your social security, or to start delivering yourself to people who never asked you, but if you're ignoring the obvious possibility, you're denying yourself an incredible opportunity to, essentially, be whole. That's a travesty in and of itself. So I, sincerely, hope that you don't, literally, choose to live in denial. There is zero possibility that ignoring this reality is sane.

That's all about that, but there's one last subject I'd like to explain about Sanity. And this is the one that is going to sting, so I'll be as tactful as I can manage.

There's a reality to the World, as we know it, that's starting to appear to be an imminently accepted fact. It's got implications that reach into every facet of life as it is today, and, likely, quite a while into the future. Before I get into the problem, I'll state that the solutions are in science, physics, and technology, as we begin to discover methods to secure our data in ways that we can actually verify, extending our reach as to what we can actually consider first hand experience.

Nearly all of the information available to be observed in the world is corrupted. Much like with a computer, if you're downloading any corrupted information, you're corrupting your mind, and displacing yourself from Sanity. The sources of corrupted information are rampant, and does, functionally, qualify as an epidemic. And, the reality of the situation is, it's, basically, always been this way. If you're being sane, it's not possible to discern who's telling the truth, who's accurate, and what's happening, because it's possible that every single piece of information available to be observed is corrupted. If you're being sane, it's possible that the entirety of World perceptions is, literally, functionally, completely wrong.

You can't verify information that you don't experience first hand, and even with first hand experience, it's possible that you're misinterpreting the information, as you may be misinterpreting the source of the information. Meaning, if we're all being sane, and accepting all of what's actually possible, the possibility of data corruption makes it so that you can't literally prove your interpretation, and perception, of the world. Not unless you are literally accepting all possibilities regarding information that you are coming across. Accurate perception includes acceptance of the limitations that you actually have. Who's lying? Who knows? What's possible? Basically anything.

Nearly everyone expects that there is a War in the Ukraine, perpetrated by Vladimir Putin rather than Russia itself. I accepted that this is possible. I also accept the possibility that it's a hoax by the CIA, with potential motives like closing the borders, inducing patriotism, and reestablishing our production to be self reliant. Based on what I can know, that's a real possibility. All of the stories and war time imagery could be fabricated. If I'm being sane, that's possible, and I can't disprove it. Blind trust is not an option if you're being sane. Neither is blind faith. It could all be a lie. That's possible. That's, unfortunately, being completely sane.

That's an extreme example, but it remains non-disprovable. I have to accept it. On the other hand, though, it could be the truth. Because it could be the truth, I've been taking the actions that I have at my disposal to try to end the war. I researched and obsessed. I brainstormed and wrote. I didn't know where to begin. Then, I thought I'd found the answer, and wrote this.


It's an explanation on how Vladimir Putin is completely compromised, and should step down.

I have spent days trying to disseminate the information. Twitter, Medium, Tumblr, writing.com... I, literally, paid for advertising. I even sent it to every intelligence agency I could find. I sent it to the CIA. I sent it directly to the Kremlin. And it's truly possible that it works out to Vladimir Putin's removal from power, and ending the war. It's also possible that it lands me on the radar of the Kremlin, and gets me killed. For the difference it could possibly make in the world, I'm willing to die.

I had to face that possibility and decide. I went forward with no hesitation. I prayed to God that it would work, and I still haven't seen any real results from it. Maybe it will blow over. Maybe it will blow up. Either way, I'm going to continue to try to find a way to end the war. All of this is sane. I work with the real possibilities and experience that I actually have. I carry no illusions. I still observe the news. I still pay attention to replies. I just observe them as though they are possibility, rather than actuality. That's the reality of what you can do today, if you're being Sane.

Summation: You must not react to information as though it is fact, but accept that it is, actually, a possibility. You must also accept the reality of the possibilities regarding motivations for a source you're getting information from, if you're being Sane. This gives you a Sane vantage point, and offers you a clearer, truer perception of the World, as it actually is today. As of right now, that's the best you can do. When understood, and practiced, it starts to become second nature, and keeps you from panic and overexertion on things that you really can't know. The unfortunate aspect of this is, it takes away the comfort of blind trust that's typically enjoyed interpersonally. Meaning, in order to actually believe stories that you're hearing from people, rather than having to break them down into their possibilities, you either need to have been there yourself, or they'd need evidence that you can actually prove validates the story.

If you're being sane, you need to have definite proof. That's a problem because there's not a lot of that available today. In the future, we'll have verifiable non-corruptable technologies that actually can serve as real proof. For now, we mostly have the moment, and the possibilities.

Sanity has a lot to it, and it's a lot to take in. But it's possible that that's the difference that the World needs. It's possible that this article is the door. It's possible that Sanity is what ends the war. It's possible that Sanity is what saves our countries. I don't even see how it's possible to suggest that we don't need Sanity. And it should be free. It's possible that this article might deliver us to Sanity. I will pray that it does. Would you choose to not be sane? Or would you choose to embrace all of what's actually possible?

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