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Think of the Dr. Suess verse about Mr. Grinch.
Mr. Putin, what’s your game?

Is there no ending to your shame?
Killing children, women, old folks.
You seem to think this is all a joke.

Mr. Putin, you are cruel!
Not worthy of any Russian fool.

You're a mean man.
You really are a nasty heel.
You're as dangerous as a black widow.
You're as slippery as an eel.

How did you get so powerful?
You hold the world hostage.
Playing games with lives,
Talk of nukes, use of fatal war tools.

Haven’t you had enough yet?
There is no happy end to this tale.
If you keep this up,
the worms will eat your entrails.

Mr. Putin, our patience is running thin.
A comedian has made you a marked man.
You aren’t strong now, you silly ham!
NATO always has a final plan.

You can still back down, make a deal.
Rather than blow up your country’s sons?
Don’t you need a friend?
Why are you so mad at everyone?

By Kathie Stehr

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