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"Turtle soup, ya'll!" the fox cried as he laid out the picnic blanket with bowls attached. Bunny hooped over and laid down his hoola hoop. He stirred the pot and tossed in a carrot.

"Now that is soup!" the bunny scooped out the carrot and some broth into a bowl.

Badger flashed his badge and parked his cruiser next to the hoola hoop. "Who said soup?" He found the pot and tossed in jelly doughnuts with no nuts because fox had a peanut allergy. Then he scooped some soup and ate it directly from the pot. "No, now that is soup!"

The snake slid by and gave rabbit an evil eye before parking his tricycle next to foxes bicycle in the garden bed. Radishes didn’t sleep there because it was made up for the lettuces. But it didn’t matter because snake was after sweet potatoes. He dug up a ton and picked out one that he dropped in the soup mud and all. “NO, now that is soup.”

This garden party was rocking hearty and rolling with the stew. In came Crow and his friend Joe, bearing sausages in their wings. They dropped them in the pot and gave it a shot ladling soup into their bowls. The bear the rode in on dropped honey in and slurped directly from the pot. “No, now that is soup!”

Fox watched it all and regretted his call to share his tasty soup. By the time he served himself the stuff looked and smelled like poop.

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