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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction
My Gardens

Sitting in my yard, pretending I liked sitting in my yard, but not very happy with my yard that I was sitting in. I looked around for the billionth time, what a scrap heap.

I had always wanted a yard like my mother’s yard when I was growing up. Of course my mother was a gardener, she didn’t work, and she loved decorating her yard. I am not a gardener, I have a job I need to show up to every day, and even just the thought of trying to figure out what I had to do to make my yard nice was irritating me.

As I sat there I felt a fly landing on my arm. As I went to brush it off, I realized it was actually a dragon fly. I was a little surprised. A fly in this junk heap yard made sense, but a dragon fly? I wondered where he, she? came from. I remembered seeing so many in my mother’s gardens.

The question was, what was attracting it to my yard? Had I done something right? I had grass, I had a tree, I had a couple very disappointing attempts at gardens, but something attracted it. I must be doing something right.

I decided immediately to get up and tend to my pathetic gardens! I attracted a dragon fly! Sitting up, however, the dragon fly must have felt in danger, and it flew off, and out of my yard.

As I watched it go I thought about the fixing up of the gardens. Somehow now, with my dragonfly gone, it suddenly seemed like a lot of trouble. Instead I went inside and turned on a documentary about gardens. So pretty, so enjoyable, so lovely to look at.

So, no actual gardening. It made my day.
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