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We all want the fairytale when in reality all we want is something real.

When I was a child,

I dreamed of fairytales,

because I couldn't have regular dreams,

the nightmares of the gay black boy,

were the things that I would see,

so, I wished upon the fairytales,

the ones that I could see,

but my fairytales were so very different,

and they were as vast as the Aegean Sea,

I longed to be damsel in distress,

like Beauty and the Beast,

like snow white waiting for a kiss,

like Ariel,

I wanted every dish,

I wanted magic carpets, and Peter Pans,

mice, and soot, and far off lands

I wanted all of this,

but as a man,

this wasn't what I was supposed to seek.

however, as I aged my feelings changed,

I dealt with abuse, crippling emotions,

an ungodly amount of pain,

when all I wanted was sunshine,

all I got was rain,

because I wanted to be loved.

After years of bad,

some of good,

guys that felt like the lost boys,

and Boyz from the hood,

dateline horrors,

and those I'd forget if I could,

I found the love I once wish for so much.

he's not a knight

he's not king

he's not a peasant, who likes to sing,

he's none of those fairytale things,

but he gives me love,

and so much more,

I found a home,

I found my peace,

I've never laughed harder,

I don't want it to cease

I don't want to be Belle,

I don't long for the Beast

because I found a fairytale,

that even you can reach.

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