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Follow the rainbow, laddie!
Have ye heard of the carpeted hillside
Where a king’s ransom rests untouched by man,
Revealed by the bow’s colorful backside
Warily guarded by mythical clan?

Verdant wool jacket of emerald hue,
The wee mischievous leprechaun awaits,
For a charm, an ale, and hearty beef stew,
In exchange for the treasure, a full plate.

“Aye, there, laddie,” with a tug o’ the beard.
Suspicious eyes on offering, alight.
Plucks the shamrock from the dish commandeered,
“Ye ken, this wee thing be a wondrous sight!

“Tis said such a plant brings a grand blessin’
To the dear soul who’s grasp keeps a firm hold,
More worth it could ever be possessin’
Than a barrel of magical fae gold.”

Tip o’ his hat, away brownie faded.
Laddie was pleased with the items traded.

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