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Locomotivation, walking crazy through the forest with no purpose. The ghosts poke me right and left to leave now right. They whisper at the top of their voices that I shouldn’t even be here. Here I hear them but I don’t care ‘cause I am walking through the forest with no purpose to defend myself from accusations of being to serious.

Are they serious? What is serious? Isn’t that the dog star who is also Harry Potter’s godfather. I’d ask the ghosts but they silently shout at me to be on my way out of their forest. This day lit meadow with the moon shining above full of crazy daisies and gold fish swimming through the paths.

Pleasant as can be except for the ghosts yelling at me. Go away and don’t not come back soon. But bring a brined picnic ham for the bears next time you come they have starved to death and are very hungry too. The ghost bears growl, “No ham! No Ham! It’s honey we don’t love!”

The bees sting the air around the spectral bear. “No Honey! NO HONEY! We do not think it isn’t funny!” They buzz and sting the bears back to life.

“We are hungry now, and you look like people chow!” The bears chased me around the forest.

The ghosts laughed, “It is for the best. You’ll join our haunted party after they’ve hunted you.”

Hunted, haunted, I would like not to be either though my preference is for the latter. But I first go on a platter for the bears.

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