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An essay, I wrote a few years, ago! I got an A! ♥
I step out on my back porch and look around. Fall has arrived. It has always been my favorite season of the year. Everything about it makes me happy. The whole season is like a natural stress reliever. The temperature is perfect. It's not too hot and not too cold. It's that wonderful transition between summer and winter. Sometimes, I wish it could be Fall all year long. This is the time of year that brings us Halloween and Thanksgiving, two of my favorite holidays.

As I look around, I see all the natural beauty that the world has to offer. The greens, yellows, oranges and reds all combine to make a masterpiece for the eyes to feed on. The leaves on the trees are no longer just green. They take on colors of their own, almost like a costume, before undressing for the winter. The grass is also blanketed in color.

I step off the porch and hear the leaves crunch under my feet. The cool, crisp air caresses my skin. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. I hear the honking of geese, as they fly south, overhead. The trees make a scraping sound against the house, and it sends chills down my back. I also hear thunder.

The rain starts coming down, slowly. Little drops of water hit my skin, running down my face and arms. The air now smells earthy, like wet soil. I can also smell the light scent of wood burning. I love the coolness of the rain. Most people would run inside, but here I am. I enjoy it. In minutes I'm completely soaked. I decide I better go inside.

I step inside and immediately feel the warm air hug me. I kick off my boots in the mud room. I can smell dinner cooking. Scents of sweet, spicy and savory all mix and make my mouth water. I know I'm in for a treat when mom is cooking Sunday dinner. This is the time that dad is watching football and the afternoon is all mine. I quickly run upstairs for a hot shower and change into dry clothes.

As i get back to the kitchen, my mom is sitting the food on the table. I take my seat and smile. My dad looks at me and smiles. We both know what's about to happen. The food is served. I close my eyes as I taste the first bite. My mouth feels the warm, moist texture of stuffing. We also have turkey, mashed potatoes and yellow, buttery corn. I eat until my plate is empty. Just as I sit my fork down on the table, I hear the whoosh of the kitchen door as mom comes in with chocolate cake for dessert.

All of these little details combined are just a few of the amazing things that Fall has to offer. Every day of the season is a sight and experience to love. Every sense is satisfied from every direction. Fall has been my favorite season since I was a kid. I'm sure it will always be this way. There is so much to see and do.
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