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Two people descend to the same deep paradise for now.

As deeper grew the fearful dark,
his eyes glowed brrighter still.
He found himself alone on paths
from which the doomed embark.

He paused to beckon to the shade
to draw it closer still,
and as it neared he found himself
by inner haunts betrayed.

The glow of love surrounded him
and shadows filled his soul.
He knew of demons leering near,
but sought for cherubim.

He dreamt of glories of the heart
and fields where flowers grow.
He sought an everlasting home;
a sacred place apart.

He followed beauty to its lair
and lost himself therein.
He found a brilliant golden door,
and madness drove him there.

- - -

As brighter shone the rising sun,
a crown o'er distant hill,
she stumbled toward the craggy peak
where dreams are oft undone.

From heights and valleys she had fled;
from stars and clouds alike,
but once again she stumbled on
and dreamt of days ahead.

Her heroes all had come to her
with smiles and velvet clothes,
and each was dearer to her heart
than all the others were.

Yet ev'ry hero hid a frown;
their clothes, a hidden stain.
They'd lifted her to heights of joy,
but each had let her down.

She knew the past and was aware
of dangers she would face,
but this time, paradise was hers,
and madness drove her there.

I wrote this on
April 13, 2022 01:05:53
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