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Episode IV: Part VI - The Conspiracy is revealed
Part VI

Stardate: April 04, 2096

“What are we going to do?" Lindsey asked, eyeing her colleague with an anxious look.

Roberts responded with a sympathetic expression. “Listen, we both need to get a grip. The good news is neither of us are injured. The bad news is we’re involuntary guests of these alien creatures, and the odds are it has something to do with what we’ve just seen. I agree they’re observing us, so why don’t we just play along for the time being. They know we’re not going anywhere.”

Slowly regaining her composure, Lindsey took a deep breath. “Other than administering a non-consensual invasive medical exam, the Greys haven’t been hostile in any other sense, nor have they issued any threats ... so far.”

Roberts nodded. “I received the same exam ... the male version.”

“There’s no question the primary focus was on our reproductive system.”

Roberts face was solemn. “Yes, the primary function of the reproductive system is to ensure survival of the species.”

“Species?” her voice echoed in the narrow passageway. Both turned in the direction of the closed hatch.

“They wanted us to find that room."

Lindsey’s expression sobered. “But why?”

“That’s exactly what’s we’re going to find out.”


Clutching Rivera’s forearm, Foxwell gently pulled his chief medical officer away from the gurney and behind the conference room table. “So, tell me doctor, what are we looking at?” he whispered, aghast at what he had just seen.

Rivera’s eyes drifted toward the overhead. “Well, it’s dead ... that much I can tell you.”

“I’m not a doctor and I could have told you that; try again ... and that’s an order,” Foxwell barked, a sulky expression emerging.

Pausing, Rivera sighed deeply. “Based on everything I’ve seen and read about regarding the Greys ... that poor soul lying on the stretcher is a hybrid.”

“Hybrid? Elaborate further,“ Foxwell pressed.

“Damn it, Captain, it’s a genetically manipulated product of alien and human DNA. Does that answer your question?” Rivera yelled out.

Aware of the squabbling, the Stargazer away team pivoted in the direction of the discernible quarrel, the Vulcan Captain and his First Officer taking notice as well.

“Doctor Rivera is correct,” Utek voiced loudly.

Foxwell turned and walked toward the gurney, his away team members stepping back and clearing a path. He stopped in front of Strojok and Utek, determined to obtain clarification. “You stated earlier that transgenesis is the means by which the Greys are creating optimal bodies native to a specific planetary ecosystem. “Whose ecosystem are you referring to?”

Utek and Strojok exchanged a look. “We believe it to be the Earth’s ecosystem, Captain, to include the ability to adapt to climate change as a result of an increase in atmospheric greenhouse gases," Stojok postulated.

“A problem Earth is still struggling to resolve,” Utek chimed in.

Foxwell put on a serious face. It required little imagination to believe there was in fact something more sinister regarding the motives of the Greys. “And by what means is this to be accomplished?” he asked, a foreboding expression appearing.

“It is believed their plan is to infiltrate the planet in greater numbers over the next several decades,” Strojok explained. “First generation hybrids still have physical features distinctive to aliens, and have generally been kept in the background, used for experimentation, breeding with human abductees, and DNA collection. Second and subsequent generation hybrids have almost indistinguishable physical features from those of humans, making infiltration of Earth, particularly key government and other authoritative positions, easier to accomplish. With a consciousness that is predominantly Grey alien, and allowing for time and sufficient numbers, it is the collective opinion of Vulcan scientists and our Intelligence community that Grey alien hybrids will in fact, accomplish this through assimilation.”

"Assimilation?" Beta echoed, joining the captain as they sought further clarification regarding the rationale of the Greys.

“Yes... assimilation,” Utek confirmed. “The process whereby the new Grey alien offspring will be absorbed into the dominant cultures of Earth society.”

“We’ve all seen and heard enough,” Foxwell replied in a contemptuous tone. Exchanging glances with Strojok and Utek, he demanded they continue with their briefing. “It’s obvious our mission is to put an end to these abductions and hybrid experiments. I’ve assembled an away team as ordered. So … what are the mission specifics?”

Utek walked toward the transparent display. Working the remote, the alien home world re-appeared. Several pan and zoom adjustments narrowed the focus to a high resolution image confirming the existence of an underground facility on the planet’s Northern Hemisphere. Using a laser pointer, she highlighted a point of interest on the image. Wearing a blank expression, she shifted her attention between the screen and the Stargazer’s crew. “This is your objective: You and your away team will be transported deep underground directly into the primary Grey Alien research facility.”

Foxwell nodded, studying the image on the display screen. He shifted back in the direction of the Vulcan Captain and First Officer. “How deep underground are we talking?”

"Approximately 100 meters ... through solid pergium," Strojok answered.

“Nothing our transporter system cannot handle,” Utek spouted.

Foxwell shook his head, then craned his neck in Beta’s direction. “They never use contractions when they speak, do they?” he whispered.

"On occasion we do,” Utek retorted, overhearing Foxwell’s comment to Beta. “We tend to minimize their usage in order to be more precise regarding what we say. To Vulcans, it’s the more preferred form of speech.”

Beta fidgeted. “You forgot they have better hearting than humans.”

“Whatever," Foxwell muttered. “I’ll match your superior reasoning against their logic any day of the week.”

“You don’t particularly …”

“Shall we continue with the briefing?” Strojok cut in.

“That’s why we’re here,” Foxwell piped. "Let’s get on with it.”

“We have no internal or external images or video of the Greys research facility," the Vulcan Captain continued. "Nevertheless, our scientists and intelligence services have collected and analyzed sufficient data combined with AI to generate an approximate sized, three-dimensional structure of the complex, but only the outside. What is on the inside remains unknown.

Foxwell nodded in sober agreement. “It stands to reason we all know what’s taking place inside that house of horrors ... and what we're likely to find."

“I concur,” Beta affirmed out loud, the remaining away team members mumbling their acknowledgement in the background.

Strojok stepped forward, coming face-to-face with Foxwell. “Your mission, Captain, is to destroy the facility and neutralize the ability of the Greys to conduct further DNA and hybrid experimentation. You and your away team will be provided with timed linear explosive charges. You will secure these explosives to critical weight bearing supports; at the appropriate time you will detonate these charges which will initiate a controlled sequential collapse, destroying the facility and all equipment inside."

Foxwell sighed, shaking his head. “I should have brought my engineer.”

“You will be accompanied and assisted by Utek and the T’Vahl’s senior engineer,” Stojok declared.

Foxwell glanced at Utek, then turned his attention back to Strojok. “That's okay with me but understand this: Beta and I are in command once this operation begins. Now allow me to digress momentarily. “What kind of weapons can we expect the Greys to employ should they put up a fight?”

“Data analyzed confirms they use directed energy weapons,” Strojok replied. “Their exact composition is unknown, but logic dictates they operate by generating radiated energy, resulting in damage that degrades, neutralizes, or destroys an adversarial capability.”

“Understood,” Foxwell acknowledged. He turned and faced his away team members. “Away team ... check your laser pistols.” He pivoted toward Rivera, glancing at the medkit strapped over his shoulder. Noticing his chief medical officer was not carrying a weapon, he removed his fusion laser pistol from its ‘hook and loop’ fastener attached to his belt, handing it to the doctor.

“Captain, I …”

“That’s an order, doctor ... take it.”

"What's their plan to monitor our progress?" Rivera asked, referring to the Vulcans.

“The microchip embedded in the Galactic Fleet logo on your uniforms will allow our sensors to track your every movement while inside the facility,” Strojok replied.

Foxwell gave an approving nod. He turned again, facing his crew. “Any more questions?”

Warwick stepped forward. “Yes, Captain. Lindsey and Roberts … what about them?”

Eyeballing the away team, Foxwell spoke in a commanding voice: “Make no mistake … we WILL find them … and we WILL bring them home. Is that understood?”

“Aye, Captain,” they all quietly mumbled, exchanging glances and nodding in agreement.

"Let's roll."

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