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The unfathomable mystery of life
There it was, the dawn of another day of travels upon this cumbersome of a world..Long after n the forgotten memories of old pasts..There is no cause. There is an only realization of the roads of human mysteries ahead of me...just keep on walking knowing destinies circling around anyone might encounter upon..most primal is me own...there are only roads to travel and discover worlds at their sides that are somehow entwined ...we are all connected,...I wonder not..There are roads to follow that make us go where we do not want to follow..The call from the destinies...roads already traveled that gives a sense of guidance of these roads of future turmoils ahead of us... must go...onward....callous better kept aside places to give one the meaning of being distant. Your heavens or hell has no meaning whatsoever. Everything exists as it happens.. We left roads behind us with inconsolable experiences. We kept walking carrying the penances, the sadness ...a burden upon one back,...hunchbacks ..One always looks over his shoulders back on the trails already traveled by many before him...one must keep on beware of what is ahead and his primal fear of death and counter it with the intention to survive just another day,...do not feel sorry for your self ever. Keep on trying to discern a future, that as it is a momentarily present, inconceivable endeavor one must be conscious that is better to not instigate the recognition of others upon your persona, but to do otherwise....unto a tearless future one wants to be able to conquer the High Peaks of wisdom. discerning after roads traveled. lessons learned...what it must be thoughtful discerning is about the unending search of understanding what is jus the mystery and grandiosity of what life is....
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