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A young girl's unknown grief leads her to build a safe place inside a closet.
No one knows when she moved in.
The space was tiny, not even enough room for a twin size bed.
She had ingenuity.
The bed was made of layers of couch cushions, pillows, and blankets.
On one end of the long wall, she anchored a small desk lamp with a bendable metal arm.
She hung her clothes on hooks along the short wall of the space.
She read books, ate, and slept.
She was supplied with food and drink when needed.
Thanks to the unknowing cooperation of her younger sister.
She used a small tray to hold her plates, journals, and pens.
No one noticed she was absent.
No one looked for her.
No one called for her.
Why would they? They thought she was just in her room. They wouldn't realize she was living in her closet for two more weeks.
It would seem impossible to lock yourself away from the world in a closet. After all, at some point you would need to use the bathroom. And this was the only time she would leave her safe place. In a very speedy, elusive manner, she would do her business in the only decent place that it can be done. Then, she would return quietly and disappear into the closet, like walking into a magician's magic door act.

Not too long ago, she was a free-spirited teenager, yearning for fun and excitement. She wanted to experience new things, even if they were beyond her maturity and comprehension.

One day she came home. Her spirit broken and no desire for life.

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